Chargers, San Diego Act Like The Hatfields And McCoys


Just so we’re straight on this crooked course to get a San Diego stadium built:

Chargers mouthpiece Mark Fabiani is ticked at San Diego.


San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is miffed at the Chargers.

Double check.

The San Diego region is weary of all this in-fighting, and you sure it hasn’t been more than 13 years?

Triple check.

On this saga goes, and where it stops, I think everybody knows.

If not the City of Angels, then the City of Champions, which Inglewood called itself when “Showtime” was the rage.

There’s plenty of rage in San Diego since Monday and that’s the rub.

We’ve reached Hump Day in this wacky week and do you feel closer to the Chargers being here in 2016?

Me neither.

This is reminiscent of Phil Mickelson announcing he was becoming a vegetarian, not long after he bought a stake in Five Guys Burgers.

“It was doomed for failure from the start,” Mickelson would chuckle later, of going green instead of double-double.

If looking for beef, both sides in the stadium issues are up to their hoofs in them.

Fabiani is chaffed because of Faulconer’s associates are attending meetings of the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group.

Faulconer is mad at Fabiani, because Fabiani went nuclear on the CSAG soon after its members settled into their seats.

So after Fabiani fired off a dismissive missive on Tuesday to Faulconer, the mayor returned fire later the day.

Don’t you love the theater produced when the rich and powerful bolt from their respective corners to show who’s the toughest?

Faulconer had the last word on Tuesday, taking verbal punches at Fabiani.

The mayor wrote: “His divisive tone and criticism of this group of volunteers, civic leaders and the city of San Diego as a whole are not conducive to developing a plan for a new stadium.”

Here’s a plan and one which Faulconer pitched: it’s time the consultants, advisors and spokespersons scram and let the mayor and Dean Spanos meet one-on-one.

It’s not so much hail to the chief, as Spanos is the Chargers’ president. It’s more a Hail Mary to save a scenario of the Chargers staying, which is growing dimmer with each critical haymaker.

Spanos didn’t attend Monday’s meeting, with Fabiani citing it being held on a holiday for his boss’ absence.

Uhm, OK.

But the team can’t claim urgency at the same time its key decision-maker isn’t available.

Let Faulconer chat with Spanos, and let the fallout land where it may.

That was Faulconer’s proposed at the end of his letter, hoping a pow-wow would signal the beginning of a new day.

What no one needs is a repeat of Tuesday.

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