Danny’s Assignment: Wayne’s World

Wayne's World

While some people still love Saturday Night Live, I have personally moved past that time. Sure I watched it when I was younger and enjoyed certain skits like Jeopardy but grew tired of it as I got through high school. And while there have been plenty of skits turned into movies, I have found most of them to be subpar at best.

However “Wayne’s World” was different than any of the others I’ve seen. While I somewhat knew the premise of the skit, I was a little too late to really see the sketch at it’s best. The one thing that really stood out to me throughout the film that makes it, and the skit, so entertaining is how everything is ironic.

With every line they say and every reaction they give, you feel a sense of irony, which gives you small chuckles throughout the movie. Sure I may not have laughed hysterically but, as I have mentioned in previous reviews, these kinds of comedies are more of a preference because they rely on the viewer to figure out the joke.

This is easily accomplished with the main characters Wayne and Garth who keep the film in its roots along with plenty other inside jokes. I also liked how they used the camera as their own personal biographer, which fits in well with how many comedies are filmed today.

The best example of the ironic theme of the movie is the way the characters treat advertisers. As Benjamin tries to exploit the main characters, Wayne has his own fun both with cracks at current, real advertisers as well as insulting the show’s main sponsor without the guest even noticing.

Now of course when a film goes down the road of irony, it gets a little extreme at points specifically the ending which was basically 3 endings and sort of sells the movie short. The credits scene makes up for it a bit but you still feel like the ending could have been better.

But that’s what makes it “Wayne’s World;” it’s ironic. You are expecting things to follow a stereotypical process but they don’t. While it may not have been the funniest movie ever, it is a memorable experience in the way it stays true to its roots with the global ironic view. Now I am left wondering if all the viewers fully understand the concept…

–Danny Reiter



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