3 Dot Lounge: Bolts and Rivers being coy with their futures

Philip Rivers

Bluff and huff, the San Diego way!

The Chargers aren’t the only one to swear to have a full house while not showing their cards.

Don’t think they will jump in bed and move to Carson with the Raiders? OK, then call their bluff.

Don’t think Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers will keep playing if they do head north? OK, then call his bluff.

The Chargers’ stadium saga sags on with NFL brainiac Eric Grubman rolling into town. He’s called Mr. Grubman because Capt. Obvious was taken.

According to the Captain, the Chargers aren’t thrilled with the Mission Valley site proposed by the Citizens Stadium Advisory Group. In other news, the Pacific Ocean is wet.

So while downtown remains the apple of the Chargers’ eye would Rivers’ core allow him to quit if they scoot to Los Angeles? Me don’t think so, either.

Rivers is too much of a competitor to slam shut his short athletic window to win a Super Bowl. The way quarterbacks are protected into today’s NFL, Rivers has another six-or-so seasons under his shoulder pads. We present Grandpa Peyton Manning in Denver as a prime example.

So any talk of trading the best Chargers quarterback ever — at least one not rockin’ a beard — is a joke. You don’t chase away an elite quarterback for an unproven commodity.

Trade with the Titans, get the second pick and snag Oregon’s Marcus Mariota? That would be foolish.

Will Mariota, the Heisman Trophy winner, be all that? Maybe. Or is he the second coming off Joey Harrington and Akili Smith, two more can’t-miss Ducks that didn’t do squat.

I’m rooting for Mariota to succeed. But if I’m Chargers GM Tom Telesco, I let someone else find out and call Rivers’ bluff. …

Hang around the Padres long enough and does trade-happy GM A.J. Preller rub off?

Hard to say, but Diamondbacks chief Tony LaRussa was in the visiting owner’s suite and looking for a sports page on Tuesday night. Dennis, the cheery press box attendant, knows I’ve usually got one — or three — tucked in my back pocket. Dennis asked if LaRussa could have my sports page and I agreed — for an autographed baseball from the newly minted Hall of Famer.

I gave the newsprint to Dennis and he returned with LaRussa’s ink on a baseball, which will make a nifty birthday gift for my A’s-loving buddy, Brent Walker. Just don’t tell Brent, please. …
Shame on the Dodgers for not allowing Forrest Lee of the Sports Xchange to cover the game in L.A. today. His credential request — after covering more than 60 games last year and every home game this year — was turned down on Jackie Robinson Day. Lee is the lone black reporter to cover the Dodgers on a regular basis.

Update: Lee was approved before game time. …

Shame on the Angels and their owner Arte Moreno. When outfielder Josh Hamilton was visited by the demons which come with his drug addiction and relapsed, he received a slap in the face from Moreno. The Angels’ boss is looking to save millions by voiding Hamilton’s contract and good luck battling the powerful players union on that one.

But even if Moreno felt let down by Hamilton, to blast him with public comments and to keep him from his teammates — which likely all have Hamilton’s back — is embarrassing. If Hamilton was playing at his one-time, MVP-level, everyone knows Moreno would have reacted differently.

I try to judge people on how they treat kids and here’s my Hamilton story.

Years ago in spring training, my son was among a large crowd of youngsters begging for Hamilton’s autograph. Then a Rangers star, Hamilton starting working his way down the line, then stopped at the halfway point.

“I need to go use the restroom,” Hamilton told the sad-eyed tykes not getting his scribble. “But I’ll be right back.”

Yeah, right.

Sure thing, three minutes later Hamilton returned and said: “Where did I leave off?” …
Shame on the Padres for heading to Chicago after Wednesday’s game. It’s too much fun going to Petco Park, so hurry back fellas. …
Ol’ Jedd’s a millionaire but he’s been collecting splinters of late. The Padres’ Jedd Gyorko is in danger of losing his starting spot at second base to Yangervis Solarte unless Gyorko’s quiet bat perks up. …
You get a look at the spiffy new ballpark now in play over at the University of California, San Diego? Combined with the venues at San Diego State and the University of San Diego, it’s clear San Diego is a baseball hotbed.

And that’s no bluff.
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