Lamest First Round Matchup

We’re just two games into the playoffs, and the NBA may already have a couple dead teams walking.  No names mentioned, Mallas Dravericks and Roronto Traptors.

And yet, easily the lamest matchup of the first round is Pat Riley v. LeBron James.

This thing is a sweep. It’s a skunk. And it started with the bitter old silver-hair taking a run at LeBron. Looking ahead to Miami’s off-season, the Heat President said it will be easier to draft this year because of “No more smiling faces with hidden agendas.”

Few question, Riles: Do you want some cheese with that whine? Can I call you a wahhmbulance? And lastly: U Mad Bro? This is what happens when the icon with the huge ego and the fistful of rings gets left standing at the alter by LeBron.  And this is what it sounds like when LeBron responds. Yeah sorry, old man. I’ve got more important things going on – like this playoff series we’re trying to sweep. How’s your series going?

Hey Patrick- you act like you didn’t rip that same smiling face from the Cavs 5 years ago. You act like you personally never jumped ship from the Lakers or the Knicks or the studio because there was a better deal waiting for you.  And that’s why you lost LeBron.

Hidden agenda? It was totally obvious. Bron’s agenda was do what’s best for Bron.  Just like your agenda is do what’s best for Riles.  He could have stuck with you, run with Grandpa Wade and his cadaver knees.  Or gone back home to get younger and ball with Kyrie. He made the right choice.

You rode Bron to 4 straight Finals, Patrick. You’re the one who should be smiling. Instead of throwing shade at LBJ, you should be heaping thanks on him.  Put that in your agenda, good luck with those lottery balls.




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