Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: THE High School Fantasy


Sure I may be a little nerdy and have had plenty of running jokes about myself but I like to think that I have a little bit of suaveness. And of course after I told Dan about my status at weddings, it only made sense that he would assign me to watch “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

Now even though I went to a small, private high school, I did feel some sense of nostalgia as the lead, Ferris Bueller (duh), runs around my old stomping grounds. Seeing Chicago as the setting made this movie click even more than I expected.

I think we all have those dreams of skipping school and having fun during those late spring school days. Now I never had the guts to do it but, of course, Ferris does. And this kid is the ultimate cool cat; he is funny, smart and devious as well as friends with basically everyone in school.

His main antagonist is the principal Ed Rooney, which is the perfect villain for this movie as he constantly makes the wrong decision and creates more comedy than fear. And while Ferris’ sister Jeanie is a nemesis at first, she also falls for her brother’s allure.

Along with his best friend Cameron and girlfriend Sloane (who should be out of his league), Ferris has the ultimate day as he visits Sears Tower (I can’t call it by any other name), watches a Cubs game at Wrigley field and even checks out the Art Institute.

Of course it all climaxes when Ferris crashes a parade and lip-syncs as well as dances in front of basically everyone. And as the cool cat that he is, everyone joins in making it an exceedingly memorable scene that gets even the viewer into it. Ferris is literally too cool for school.

And that’s what makes this movie such an 80s classic, in fact THE 80s movie in my opinion. The way everyone acts and dresses fits the decade so well along with the music and humor that makes even an ‘89 baby nostalgic.

Now while there are plenty of comical characters, Ferris clearly takes the cake. The way he fakes so many people out, his fearlessness even in high-pressure situations and his classic look-at-the-camera quotes make him possibly the coolest character ever. And to top it all off, everyone in the city seems to worry about him being “sick” and want him to get well, the funniest ongoing joke throughout the whole film.

I’m sure it sounds like I am gushing a bit over a clearly impossible character living the ultimate fantasy, not even counting one that takes place in Chicago. But there is no way anyone can tell me that they don’t dream of days like that. It was always during those late spring to early summer school days where you just want to spend the day away. And to be that cool and clever makes the dream that much more tempting.

Now Sileo was right that I couldn’t be as cool as Ferris Bueller but let’s be honest; nobody is.

+ Danny Reiter, Producer of the Dan Sileo Show



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