Help us name our Darren/Jordan soccer video!

Darren Smith and Jordan Carruth like soccer. If you ever listen to the Darren Smith Show, this much is obvious to you.

We’re giving Darren and Jordan free reign to talk about soccer in a weekly video segment titled….well, that’s the thing. It doesn’t have a title. It needs one.

Darren is a big believer in crowd-sourcing to get the best ideas, and we figured our comments section is a great place to curate these ideas. So, using the comments below, tell us what you think the name of Darren and Jordan’s weekly soccer video series should be!

You’ll notice there are little up and down arrows at the bottom of each comment (to the left of the “Reply” button) that can be used to vote. In addition to submitting your own ideas for a show name, make sure to appropriately vote for the ones you think are the best/worst!

The winner gets the pride of knowing that they are better at coming up with a name for a weekly soccer video than anyone else who tried, and probably a shout out in the next video.



19 thoughts on “Help us name our Darren/Jordan soccer video!

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