Movie Review: No Rally for Hangover 2


There comes a time where Sileo’s choice in movies has to be questioned. When he first told me that “The Hangover Part II” was good, I was a little worried. And then when he told me that the original wasn’t great while the sequel was, it was about time I called him out on his “taste” in movies.

This is probably the first assignment I’ve had where I originally wanted to see the film but it was so hated that I shied away. I mean I love the original movie; it has so many classic lines and funny situations that really impact people in my generation. So with everyone hating the follow-up, I had some idea of the struggles for this troubled sequel.

It’s déjà vu…but not in a good way. While most sequels do want to make a connection with the first film, this one has no real identity because it is too reliant on the original. I mean basically every situation in the film happened before or in a similar fashion. Instead of a tiger, there is a monkey; Phil gets hurt and goes to the hospital; Chow “surprisingly” jumps out at the guys from an enclosed space; they think they found their missing friend but they didn’t. I mean it just goes on and on. Sure I had heard the criticism before but seeing it is a very different experience.

The only repeat I did like was the hiding place of Teddy, which while somewhat similar to figuring out Doug’s location in the first one, was clever enough that I actually enjoyed it…for a moment.

Now while you expect the characters to act in the same way (which of course they did because it’s basically the same movie), I grew very tired of Alan. Yeah he is supposed to be the big, erratic and crazy one but it’s just too much. I think his issues as a character very much follow what I call The Homer Simpson Affect.

Anyone who loved the “The Simpsons” growing up knows just how much it has fallen off. And it’s illustrated by Homer who originally was dumb but in a clever and more subtle manner. It was about the timing of his statements and how much you had to be paying attention to actually understand as well as appreciate the humor. Now they bat you over the head with how stupid he is making him much less funny.

Alan has that same issue, as he was funny in the first one because even though he was crazy and weird, those traits were utilized at the right time. When the whole movie just has him being weird the entire time, the impact lessens greatly. Instead of having a consistently funny character, you’re stuck with an annoying and frustrating one.

When it all comes down to it, “The Hangover Part II” just isn’t funny. Not only does it imitate its predecessor but also just feels much darker. Sure the first film was dark at points but nothing compared to this one. In fact I rarely found moments that made me physically laugh…which is the whole point of a comedy! Now that I’ve seen a film that all of us hate, I can start to give Sileo more crap on his movie choices. This is one you want to blackout to forget.

+ Danny Reiter is the producer of The Dan Sileo Show and hasn’t seen nearly enough movies in his life.



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