Scarface: An Unforgettable Antihero


Without having actually seen the film “Scarface,” I already knew the most memorable quote. The classic “Say hello to my little friend” is one of the all-time famous movie lines so for about three hours I waited for that moment. And not only did that scene not disappoint but nor did the movie either.

In fact, Tony Montana is the real memorable part of the movie. To call him an antihero almost doesn’t do him any justice. His thirst for ultimate power and money gives him everything he wants before it all goes up in glorious flames. Tony is paranoid, insane, weird and overall a pretty horrible human being. But you can’t help but be hypnotized by his “charm.”

He always has that anger as well as drive that makes him do whatever it takes. And as a viewer, you quickly see how intense things can get. While it may seem a little rudimentary by today’s standards, this 80s classic really pushes the envelope. I mean a person gets killed by a chainsaw 20 minutes in. And the film never really lets up from the intensity. Sure there are some down moments but you always have that nervousness and the music intensifies that feeling even more.

Now, while the first half of the movie focuses on Tony’s rise to power, the second half is what really illustrates his character as he now has that authority he craved. All he cares about is getting more money and never actually seems happy. In fact Tony basically pushes away all of the people close to him including his wife, his sister and also his best friend Manny. And this all culminates in that classic line where Tony is all by himself with his fortress overtaken.

I have to admit, though, there are a few issues with this movie starting with its length. Yeah three-hour movies aren’t bad but they tend to drag at points and “Scarface” definitely faced that problem especially in the finale. Sure you were gripped and interested but I did feel bogged down at certain points.

Another problem had was that even though Tony Montana was great character, most of the others were not. Yeah I liked Manny but Elvira started boring and never got any better. To be honest, I don’t really understand why she married Tony because she never showed any real love for him in the first place. Also Gina Montana’s story was a little predictable and pretty uninteresting.

But, in the end, the side characters aren’t important. “Scarface” is all about Tony Montana and Al Pacino nails the role. His intensity, insanity as well as paranoia keeps the viewer hooked throughout a very long film. The way he looks at the camera, the way he curses and the way he dies perfectly embody the role of the antihero. And when Tony finally says that magic line, you enjoy it even more than you thought you would. A memorable line from an unforgettable character.


+ Danny Reiter is the producer of the Dan Sileo Show.


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