Pet of the Week: Beebee


Dog’s name: Beebee (pronounced bee – bee)
Breed: German Shepherd,
Age: 4 years old
Sex: Spayed Female
Organization: Coastal German Shepherd Rescue San Diego
Phone: (858) 779-9149

Beebee is a low to medium energy dog who loves to hang out with her people and to go on walks. She’s interested in knowing what’s going on at all times and loves to be brushed, groomed and have her head scratched and ears rubbed. She has the eyes that the German Shepherd breed is known for. Beebee was turned in to the shelter by owners who had allowed her to become obese to the point where she could barely walk and had developed hip dysplasia. Her only chance of ever walking again was surgery on both hips, followed by rehab using an underwater treadmill and laser therapy.. She’s lost 40 pounds, enjoys walking, and will soon have surgery on her other hip. Beebee’s ideal family would be someone who will continue to help her get into shape. And if you like to sit and watch movies, Beebee would love to be there by your side. She’s not good with small dogs and animals, and is a bit selective with large dogs, so she’d be best as the only family pet.



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