NFL NEWS: Judge nullifies Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension

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Just like that, ‘Deflategate’ is over and Tom Brady has won more than just a Super Bowl. He will now miss zero playing time due to the deflated ball scandal that ran from the NFL Playoffs in January all the way through the offseason.

This is bad news for anyone who drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in their fantasy football league, but more importantly it opens up the conversation of if the league will be asked to reconsider the punishment it handed down to the New England Patriots (two draft picks and a $1 million fine).

All in all, the ‘Deflategate’ situation has painted the NFL in a very bad light. They’ll be tempted to fight this ruling tooth and nail, because they don’t normally lost and don’t like to lose, but it may be best right now if Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL just walks away from this loss.

Luckily for Brady and the Patriots, he has been allowed to participate in all practices and preseason games, so he should be just as ready to play this season as he has been in previous years.



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