Starksy & Hutch: A Fair Shakedown


When you go into a movie knowing that Ben Stiller is in it, you can expect to be entertained. While not many of his movies are classics, they have a fair amount of creativity and comedy to keep you watching. No, they aren’t always the smartest comedies but sometimes dumb jokes can get a lot of laughs.

With “Starsky & Hutch,” you get a solid outing by Stiller and a pretty well-known supporting cast. Based on a TV show, the film follows Starsky and his partner Hutch (pretty obvious there), who is played by Owen Wilson, as they uncover a big drug deal going down in Bay City. Of course these two cannot be more different as Starsky is all about upholding the law as well as comes with a little too much intensity. Hutch, on the other hand, is more laid back and cool as he seems to get along with just about anyone.

The film puts them in a number of awkward situations with some hits and some misses. The dance-off between Starsky and a weird disco dancer along with the classic duo confusing which towels to use are some of the high points. But others fall flat specifically Will Ferrell’s part which tries a little too hard to be weird.

Also the villains are a little weak. While I normally like Vince Vaughn, his character was too inconsistent and therefore lacked a real identity. You couldn’t tell if he was supposed to be goofy or serious. Plus, when he could have quit and won, the villain instead does something incredibly stupid for someone who appears to be fairly bright. And while Jason Bateman was a good contrast to Vaughn, his character disappeared a little too often.

Another actor who I thought was a little miscast was Owen Wilson. While by no means does he do a bad job, I don’t totally believe that he is that suave. In most movies, like “Wedding Crashers,” Wilson is a little more nerdy and awkward yet tries to be cool. With Hutch, I just can’t believe that he is that hip and trendy. Like why is Snoop Dogg, I mean Huggy Bear, good friends with him?

The thing about “Starsky & Hutch” is that it’s a solid movie but nothing special. It can keep you entertained and contains some funny moments yet it’s fairly predictable and frankly not that memorable. This is a good movie to have on when you’re not really doing anything and you want something on the television. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing but when you try to emulate a popular show, it’s not the biggest compliment.

Look this is definitely no “Hangover Part II” because, you know, I actually laughed. Ben Stiller is classic Ben Stiller with his ignorant awkwardness and explosive anger plus some solid acting from memorable names keeps you smiling. But, in the end, it’s not exactly a movie I would pay to watch which luckily I didn’t have to do. Still though I’m starting to worry about Sileo’s taste in comedies…



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