Padres fans sounds off on season

San Diego Padres after a win over the Atlanta Braves

On Thursday, the Padres played their last home game of 2015 and beat the Brewers 3-1, putting the Friars at 74-85. The team now heads to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers for the final three games of the season.

Though it would be fun to win the next three and therefore tie their 2014 record of 77-85, it might be more prudent to lose. Yes, that’s a terrible thought, but hear it out: If the Padres remain in the bottom-10 of all MLB teams, their 2016 first-round draft pick is protected. Meaning, they can sign a big-name free agent without giving up their first-rounder, like they had to do when they signed pitcher James Shields this past offseason.

Before Thursday’s game, Padres fans gave their thoughts on the season — and what needs to change for next year: