Smile, Chargers! You’re headed to Green Bay!

San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates

Tuesday arrived and how did the Chargers blow that game to the Steelers?

San Diego awoke with Monday night’s stinker and this afternoon coach Mike McCoy will sift through it.

McCoy will present his usual Fred Astaire about doing what’s best for the team, how hard everyone worked and full steam ahead.

But there’s nothing pleasant about losing to the Steelers and all those terrible towels.

It was a road game that wasn’t. A win that wasn’t. And wasn’t it recently everyone thought the Chargers were super?

Monday’s 24-20 verdict is just that. Now the Chargers resemble area homeowners not so long ago — underwater.

Anchored with a 2-3 record is no reason to smile when bound for the land of cheese. Green Bay awaits and good luck playing the pity card there.

“There’s no time [for] ‘poor us. Gosh, a play here, a play there, we should’ve won that game. Look how close it was,’” Philip Rivers said, and once again, his aim is true. “There’s no time for that because the place we’re going, they will run us out of the stadium if we don’t go there ready to play.

Rivers started yapping faster and faster and dadgumit, he’s got a point.

“The team we’re going to next week is – again, I’m not stacking or comparing teams – but you’re going into an undefeated team that doesn’t hardly ever lose at home,” he said. “And yes, do I feel like we can go in there and win the game? Sure, it’ll be tough, but I think we can.”

Always optimistic, that’s Rivers.

Always snake bit, that’s the Chargers.

Once again the offensive line was a wreck, the result of that toxic blend of ailments and backups.

Running back Melvin Gordon is again the focal point until another point is accepted: the Chargers can’t run the ball.

Sadly, we know all about them trying to stop it and another 155 rushing yards on the tab, please.

Bell punched the defense for 111 yards and that last yard will live in Chargers lore.

Something else and it can’t be ignored.

The turnout of Steelers fans was unlike any other NFL tourists in San Diego. It was a sea of yellow cloth that turned the Murph into the Ketch. Maybe it wasn’t Heinz Field, but Rivers’ voice told the story.

“Odd is one word we can use,” a ticked Rivers said. “We’re checking in and out of plays. I’m usually hoarse after those road games. I’m going to be (Monday) as well. It was unique to say the least.”

Rivers added a crowd leaning toward Iron City beer and a Primanti Brothers sandwich was down the list of blemishes.

“That did not affect the outcome,” he said, almost wishfully.

Instead the Bolts’ warts are there and not much cleansing lotion to soothe them.

After five games which had elements of compassion comes a sticky stretch for the wobbly Chargers.

It starts against 5-0 Green Bay and at least the weather will be nice.

“We know we got our hands full, so we’ve got to go in ready to roll,” Rivers said.

Something gathering momentum and it’s the calamity of this season.

There’s no magic bullet to make an offensive line which can’t stay fit whole.

There’s no pixie dust for a pass rush that comes and goes like these heat waves.

Being stout against the run is a wish and don’t we all still believe in those?

McCoy has a telling week motioning his way. Whatever leadership, innovation and rabbit’s foot he has, they need to be deployed.

The Chargers need binoculars to spot the AFC West-leading and undefeated Broncos.

Urgency rides into Chargers Park on Tuesday. The Chargers hope there’s an inviting hitching post out front.


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