Chargers say their first priority is Carson, so what do San Diegans think about that?

Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani says the team will file for relocation to Los Angeles, which should come as no surprise to anyone who remotely has a pulse. Seriously, what does anyone think the Chargers, Rams and Raiders have been doing the last nine months? Well, other than destroying the fan bases in their respective markets.

Fabiani also stated on Friday afternoon that the Chargers first priority and focus is bolting to the toxic city of Carson, with downtown San Diego being their backup, fallback plan.

Translation: Carson is my mistress and I’m going all in. If that fails, I’ve always loved my wife, please take me back although I’ve trashed you for years and called you fat.

So what do San Diegans think of the Chargers declaration of love for Los Angeles? I roamed the sands of Pacific beach to find out.



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