JMI Realty’s letter to the NFL

Our own Dan Sileo received a copy of the letter below, sent from JMI Realty to Roger Goodell and Eric Grubman of the NFL.




4 thoughts on “JMI Realty’s letter to the NFL

  1. don quixote

    Basically JMI is saying: A) Mission valley sucks B) downtown is perfect. But whatever route the NFL and SD takes we fully support. Ching Ching

  2. AdamC61

    JMI wants downtown because they have the development rights to “tailgate park” It’s the land just east of the trolley tracks and the triangle they are currently working on, between 12th and 14th and K and Imperial.

  3. Mr Padre

    Glad to see individuals with clout pulling strings to keep the team here. They have a pony in the race per say but all signs point to progress

  4. JJ

    The current prospective site downtown — bounded by 12th/Interstate 5 and K St/Imperial — does not take into account the historic 1890s Wonder Bread warehouse at 1441 L St. It plows right over it.

    I’m not okay with demolishing history for “progress.” They need to incorporate that structure into the modern stadium, a la Western Metal Supply at PETCO Park. Otherwise, go to Mission Valley for Chula Vista.

    Although, I’d be okay with them demolishing Qualcomm, even though one could argue that is a historic structure. I like to pick and choose which historic buildings I care about.

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