A season of duds for the Chargers

DS Chargers vs Seahawks Preseason

Let bygones, be bygones but that’s for the first of the year.

Instead the Chargers said good bye to their week off, getting back to work on Monday.

The Chiefs are up next and let’s hope they’re the tonic they were in 2000.

Remember the dawning of the new century? Unfortunately, Chargers fans do.

That was the worst season in franchise history and as bad as this year has gone, it won’t match coach Mike Riley’s next-to-last campaign.

Those Chargers, with Ryan Leaf, Jim Harbaugh and Mose Moreno at quarterback, went an eye-rubbing 1-15.

That one victory? Thank you, Kansas City.

Or better put, merci beaucoup John Carney.

It was Carney, the team’s all-time leader score, who delivered the three points that kept the bagel from under the Chargers’ win column.

The Chargers’ first seven games that year resulted in one zero shy of them channeling James Bond: 0-7. San Diego went winless, went on their bye, but didn’t say hello to a victory for four more contests.

Carney’s right foot was the difference from the Chargers being 1-11 instead of 0-12. His last second field goal lifted the Chargers over Chiefs, 17-16.

Although that did little to hoist the Chargers. They would go on to lose their final five games, but it wasn’t a complete disaster.

Then-general manager John Butler decided he had seen enough of Leaf after the year. Leaf was waived and it was a step in the right direction. The following season would bring LaDainian Tomlinson and Drew Brees in the draft and the Chargers arrow started pointing up — although they did go 4-12 in 2003.

That was another stinker of a season when the club reached the bye at 0-5. The team defeated the Browns after that bye, but went 1-7 — the worst start since this season.

But 2004 would signal the resurgence of Chargers football, an era which around Chargers Park is referred to as the good ol’ days. San Diego claimed it first AFC West title since their Super Bowl season of 1994.

So what lies ahead this week? Will the Chargers compete against the Chiefs, a team which is fresh off thumping the Broncos, 29-13?

The Chargers hope so in what could be their final season in San Diego.



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