Chargers don’t have answers as team drops 6th straight; Rivers on sideline spat with Gates

The San Diego Chargers have hit rock bottom and are looking for answers after dropping their sixth in a row to fall to 2-8.

On a day that the team honored one of the greatest players in their history, retiring the number of the great LaDainian Tomlinson, the Bolts played one of their worst games of the season, getting decimated 33-3 to the Kansas City Chiefs. At home!

Afterwards, Corey Liuget, Eric Weddle and Philip Rivers were looking for answers on why they can’t get back on track. Rivers discussed the sideline altercation with Antonio Gates that was caught on camera.



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3 thoughts on “Chargers don’t have answers as team drops 6th straight; Rivers on sideline spat with Gates

  1. don quixote

    I have an answer for you guys. Terrible ownership, crappy management, horrendous coaching, and players that settle for mediocrity. What an embarrassment. LOSERS!!!!

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  3. Derek Quinlan

    What if some players are semi-subconciously tankin’ it on purpose? Haha, they’re like “f*ck Spanos…..little bitch”. Obviously Weddle falls in this category. Either way NFL won’t move a 2-14 team to LA. They only endeavor to pursue a healthy situation in LA, there’s a lot of money involved and this sh*tty franchise will spell financial disaster in LA. So if San Diego wants to keep the Chargers maybe the performance of the players and coaches is just what the doctor ordered? Oh, and have we seen more than enough from Telesco? Umm, yes. Yes we have. He is a bad talent evaluator, and needless to say so is John Spanos. Friggin John Spanos is director of football operations, BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. The worst.