Chargers fans honor LaDainian Tomlinson at game

Annie hits the parking lot where Chargers fans talk about celebrating LT, despite the team’s losing record and uncertainty about moving to LA:




2 thoughts on “Chargers fans honor LaDainian Tomlinson at game

  1. gwf3rd

    What could possibly be wrong with the Chargers?

    Dean Spanos, President, & CEO, “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”

    AG Spanos, Business Operations, Markrting, Sales(LMAO), Public Relations(what, when, LMAO)

    John Spanos, President Football Operations,(wins & loses)

    Remember the Spanos Family Fired a 14-2 coach because he wanted to hire his successful son. They were against nepotism?

    Hey let’s make these guys billionaires and give them LA they have failed in every way possible in San Diego. NFL Logic?