Instant Analysis: Chiefs 33, Chargers 3

San Diego Chargers players look on during a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

Here are three takeaways from Sunday’s 33-3 San Diego Chargers loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at Qualcomm Stadium:

  • Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates Sideline Fight: Early on in this one, CBS cameras caught the Chargers’ future Hall of Fame TE fighting with his QB on the sideline and threatening to “beat his ass.” Don’t look too deeply into this one. Rivers and Gates are friends, and that won’t change, but it’s not hard to see how six consecutive losses can wear on a couple of guys that are as competitive as these two.
  • Playing for a Draft Pick: At 2-8, the Chargers now sit in position to have the 3rd overall draft selection in the 1st round of the 2016 NFL Draft, trailing only the Cleveland Browns and the Tennessee Titans. Now that they’re so far out of playoff contention, the team may want to consider playing some more inexperienced players in hopes of getting even closer to the 1st overall pick.
  • Dominated in Every Way: There’s really no other way to put it. On offense, on defense, and on special teams, the San Diego Chargers struggled to get anything going while the Kansas City Chiefs were able to fairly easily do just about anything they wanted to. The Chiefs ended up with 385 yards of offense (compared to the Chargers’ 201) and 2 turnovers (compared to the Chargers’ zero), and picked up their fourth consecutive win along the way.



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