McCoy’s win doesn’t arrive with a reprieve


Cyber Monday comes with an on-screen warning: Don’t be tricked by the Chargers’ latest conquest.

That’s not to suggest the locals’ 31-25 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday should be discarded.

Instead, it’s a brief moment of levity in a season which has very little of just that.

This unremarkable 2015 campaign will be known for a grumpy owner wanting to move, a grumpy fan base disgusted with the grumpy owner and a grumpy coach who rather lean on cliches than clinch his fist and be bold.

But a win is a win, whether it’s No. 16 in a perfect season or No. 3 in a dreadful one.

What does it mean?

Well, the Chargers have slipped from having the top draft pick.

Well, the Chargers have snapped a six-game losing streak.

Well, the Chargers won for the first time this year away from Qualcomm Stadium.

More importantly, is it one for the road for coach Mike McCoy?

Or did the man who storms out of press conference present evidence he deserves another year.

Me. Think. Not.

The Chargers are flawed in various aspects and that starts with the head coach. Whatever snake oil McCoy is selling reached an expiration date, and no, we don’t want to hear about injuries.

One game doesn’t trump a body of work which looks out of shape.

The Chargers are still the last-place Chargers and no amount of confetti from the triumph over Jaguars will bury that.

McCoy has been under the headset of an outfit which has lost 11 of its last 15 outings.

More telling is a 2-6 mark in AFC West play since 2014. 

If you can’t win in the front yard, that usually means a new coach is arriving through the back door.

But good luck figuring out Team Spanos when it comes to coaching decisions.

Bobby Ross took the franchise to its lone Super Bowl to cap the 1994 season and was bounced two years later.

Mike Riley set a franchise record for futility by going 1-15 in 2000, only to be invited back to win five games in 2001.

Marty Schottenheimer resurrected the Chargers from the Riley era and climbed the mountain to an NFL-best 14-2 in 2006. But after losing to the Patriots as the AFC’s top seed in the playoffs, the Chargers decided they could do better.

Better translated into Norv Turner, and we know how that went.

Even when Turner lost his final nine games of 2011, Team Spanos punched his ticket for 2012. Team president Dean Spanos played the “continuity” card in retaining Turner and general manager A. J. Smith. 

The payoff was an 8-8 mark and missing the playoffs for the third straight year. We paraphrase Smith in saying, “it was what it was.”

So keep all that in mind while enjoying Victory Monday — today once had that moniker before Cyber Monday hijacked it.

But don’t buy fool’s gold on a day where credit cards are being run at a pace to make Melvin Gordon envious.

When eyeing McCoy, even after Sunday’s win, don’t be so quick to plop him in your shopping cart. 

Like a dilapidated one bouncing along uneven asphalt, the Chargers, under McCoy, remain a wobbly ride.


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