Chargers’ love for Telesco is baffling


The Chargers’ brass has another bromance brewing with a general manager.

That is not necessarily good news.

Once, the Chargers sided with GM Bobby Beathard over coach Bobby Ross. Despite being two years removed from the team’s only Super Bowl appearance, Ross was shown the door after the 1996 season.

In 2000, the Chargers were 1-15.

Once, the Chargers sided with GM A.J. Smith over coach Marty Schottenheimer following the 2006 campaign.

That brought Norv Turner, and three years later, a three-year run started of missing the playoffs.

Before the Chargers’ latest face plant on Sunday against the Denver Broncos, word leaked that GM Tom Telesco had his contact extended. That, my friends, is a head-scratcher on two levels.

Telesco put pen to paper on his deal in August. Why the Chargers kept it a secret — the club has yet to announce it — is baffling.

Some in the organization said they didn’t want the news to be a distraction. 

Uh, OK.

This season is nothing but one characterized only by a lack of certainty. The players and fans don’t know where their team will play next year, but a GM’s work arrangement is troublesome?

Uh, OK.

Secondly, the Chargers stink. Maybe not as much as when Telesco inked his deal, but they were hardly predicted for greatness.

What was the rush with Telesco? Why didn’t the club see how 2015 developed (here’s a hint: not very good) before hitching its wagon to Telesco?

Under Telesco’s watch, the Chargers have gone from competitive to embarrassing, especially when playing AFC West foes.

There’s no better indicator of how your squad stacks up than against the those teams knowing it best. Maybe a club can hoodwink another conference opponent, or someone from the NFC, which doesn’t realize its idiosyncrasies.

But another AFC West bunch? It knows your weaknesses better than anyone and if your don’t rectify them the result is this: seven losses in the Chargers’ last nine AFC West affairs.

The Chargers have lost five straight games in the AFC West. Their last two, which were at home, by a combined 50-6.

This mess belongs to Telesco, with a head football honcho John Spanos’ fingerprints all over it, too.

It’s up to Telesco to stock a cupboard that isn’t bare. But swing open the Chargers’ pantry and it’s a bunch of nondescript items, many with expiration dates already reached.

Where is Telesco’s highlights in the draft? 

Yep, we love Keenan Allen, too, but name another impact player? Jason Verrett is a possibility, but can he stay on the field?

Maybe inside linebacker Denzel Perryman becomes one, but he needs to earn his stripes.

Otherwise, Telesco has brought in guys, with no disrespect, that are just guys.

On the free-agent front?

One is a blockhead not to appreciate the contributions of Danny Woodhead. But can Telesco hide from acquiring Derek Cox, Donald Brown, Jacoby Jones, and to a lesser degree, Orlando Franklin? 

No GM is flawless when going through the check out line, but few of Telesco’s purchases panned out.

But the Chargers, with Spanos calling the shots, looked the other way this summer when presenting Telesco with an extended stay. Despite no pressing need to reach an agreement before one of the most dreadful seasons in franchise history — that’s a mouthful — the Chargers wrapped their arms around Telesco.

It’s clear their heart goes pitter-patter over Telesco. 

What’s not so obvious is he’s the right man for the job, as we all realize that love can be blind.

Considering the Chargers’ history with its GMs, more heartache could be around the corner.


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2 thoughts on “Chargers’ love for Telesco is baffling

  1. Darren Thrasher

    After the next four games, this will all be a moot point. They won’t be our home team anymore. So long, fuckers. Let’s start talking about how good the Aztecs are.

  2. Joseph Cohen

    This team is so disjointed and rudderless they have become the laughingstock of the NFL. There is no logical explanation for keeping Telesco’s signing a secret. Plus, why would they extend him? He’s done absolutely nothing as the GM. And since he hired McCoy he might be hesitant to fire him. He all know by now that Dean Spanos has no business running the team. He continues to make terrible hirings and firings. This is the idiot that fired his coach who went 14-2. That’s all you need to know.

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