Don’t ask the Chargers how the West was won

San Diego Chargers players look on during a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

Go west young man — just don’t bring the Chargers with you.

Sad-sack San Diego was up to its soaked hips in trouble again when playing an AFC West foe. The Chargers came home from Kansas City on Sunday night with barbecue sauce under their fingernails and not much else.

San Diego face-planted once more as this disastrous season continues to head downward with amazing speed. A team built around its offense doesn’t have one, and that my friends, is a recipe for a 3-10 season.

The Chiefs prevailed, 10-3, in the Chargers’ latest nose dive. A squad which can’t get out of its way — two penalties in the closing minute — really can’t find traction in the AFC West.

The Chargers’ third defeat in four games was its fourth straight this year against an AFC West rival. Stretch that string back to last season and the Chargers have dropped six of their past eight to their divisional neighbors. 

Don’t forget it’s been more than a year since the Chargers won an AFC West game. San Diego swept the Raiders in 2014 for two divisional wins and if you don’t mention that Oakland was winless going into each game, I won’t either.

But another Chargers loss is more than another Chargers loss. When you continue to stub your toe in the division, it leaves you with more than a bloody foot.

It usually leads to a bloodbath at the end of the season and yeah, we can’t wait until it gets here either.

Although when thinking of people to show the door, the notion comes with a huge caveat or two.

John Spanos is the director of football operations. Nothing personal, but the players stink so Spanos goes.

Scratch that: his last name has a ring to it so he stays put.

Tom Telesco is the general manager and a look at his three drafts tell the tale. We’re pressed to find an impact player, although Keenan Allen and Jerry Attaochu, to a degree, could be just that.

Scratch that: The Chargers’ brass is so smitten with Telesco they awarded him with a top-secret contract extension.

Coach Mike McCoy has been handed this mess and the finger of blame will find him as well. 

But can injuries be cited as a mitigating circumstance for McCoy’s dreadful Year 3?

Absolutely not.

Look at the Chiefs. They were at one point 1-5 and lost its star running back in Jamaal Charles. Instead of folding, the Chiefs took off and are in the thick of the AFC wild card race.

The Chargers? It’s a sprint to the bottom as they blow past the other NFL dregs.

At least the Chargers have a better record than the Browns — oops, my bad.

Then there’s the Titans and everyone is above them — whoa, except the Chargers.

The woeful Dolphins, as in Sunday‘s visitor in what could be the Bolts last game in San Diego? They have a two-game edge on the locals.

A peek at the NFC reveals every team with a prettier ledger than the Chargers. Considering the door mats are the 49ers, Lions, Saints and Cowboys is even more damning.

So Chargers fans — you still out there? — there’s three more offerings of Chargers football, and if you don’t ask for a second helping, we can’t blame you.

When a team featuring a quarterback as astute as Philip Rivers collects 59 points in 20 quarters, that’s not good.

When a team is kept without a touchdown in 15 of its 16 quarters against those hanging in the AFC West, that’s a crime.

In a year that the Chargers hung LaDainian Tomlinson’s No. 21 from the rafters, little else has gone right.

“We’ve fought like crazy,” Rivers said after the KO in KC. “And we’re just short.”

Now can the dysfunctional Chargers — 12 winning seasons since the Spanos family’s arrival in 1984 — stand tall in the offseason and fix this debacle?

Me don’t think so, either.

Even if they go north, the Chargers likely remain in the AFC West. It’s a division filled with solid teams and nothing but heartache for the Chargers.


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