(Original) Point Break: A Slow-Burning Thrill

Now the first time I heard of “Point Break,” it was during a “Family Guy” episode where a guy in a Nixon mask steals some charity money. So going off of that and also that the stars were Keanu Reeves as well as Patrick Swayze, I had no idea what to expect. Now with the new one coming out (check out our interview with Luke Bracey by the way), it was about time I watch this cult-classic.

While by no means a perfect movie, “Point Break” is a thoroughly entertaining film that unfortunately loses itself at the end. It focuses on Johnny Utah (great name), an FBI agent who, along with aging partner Angelo, investigates a band of bank robbers who wear awesome President masks. While it seems like a crazy theory at first, it turns out that the thieves are surfers.

Of course the movie just oozes of stereotypical surfers, which is quite hysterical. The oblivious as well as careless demeanor of the group is constantly emphasized and is also best illustrated with the villain Bodhi. While Johnny first thinks it’s the obvious suspects, he finally realizes it is instead his fast growing friend.

Now what makes this “epiphany” so important is that Bodhi helped the protagonist find who he is inside. Sure it seemed like an act to start but Johnny is starting to see things the way his nemesis does. Couple that with an ok love story and Johnny Utah is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

While the film hooks you throughout, it does start to go downhill a bit near the end. Not only does the action pick up but also people start needlessly dying. Guys who just seemed like thrill-seeking surfers are now stone-cold killers with just about every character getting attacked one way or another.

Look it keeps you entertained and the final confrontations between Johnny and Bodhi are entertaining but, as a viewer, you’re left pretty confused. I mean when did he become so heartless? Now it ends the right way with Johnny letting Bodhi go out his own way but the damage is already done.

What helps keeps the movie above the waves, however, is Patrick Swayze who makes Bodhi an appealing character. I mean the change in tone is still a problem but he does such a great job with the role that the impact is lessened. Not that the other actors don’t do a good job (I mean Angelo was classic Gary Busey) but Swayze is just what the film needed.

In the end “Point Break” is an entertaining film with a lot of great stunts and action that helps hide some of the major flaws. Yeah the surfers were thieves and criminals but for them to become killers seemed like quite a stretch. And was it really a surprise that they were the villains anyways? Regardless when the movie is done, you’re left satisfied. It’s just like what Bodhi was seeking: a huge thrill.



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