Relive final moments of Chargers game with Rivers, Floyd, Gates, & Weddle

Just in case Sunday’s game 30-14 win over the Dolphins was the Chargers last in San Diego, relive the final moments with Philip Rivers, Malcom Floyd, Antonio Gates, and Eric Weddle as they leave the field.




7 thoughts on “Relive final moments of Chargers game with Rivers, Floyd, Gates, & Weddle

  1. alavalonaaa

    To Dean and his family.When the almighty dollar takes precedence over loyal fans every year,your priorities are really abominable.You can take the Chargers to LA and they will find out how bad you really are as a human being.Maybe everyone will really find out just what you,Fabiani, and all the NFL owners are smoking in their crack pipes.Your backdoor deals will suffer the karma you deserve.For the NFL to say if we don’t save the franchise is SD we will never see another team here is blackmail and extortion.It was fine when Qualcomm was a viable stadium and could host Super Bowls.If you really wanted a team in SD you would have told Dino and the Fabiani the fabricator to get back to negotiations.I saw the first game in that Stadium 8-20-67. I’ll be damned if I was going to the last game and give my hard earned dollars to support your indifferent attitude towards our fans.I hope the NFL owners do not allow the Chargers to move. If Dean want LA so bad,sell the team to local people,get an expansion team,call them,Ticket Terrorist,and don’t let the door hit you on the way out of town. When you leave don’t do it in the middle of the night. Let the fans see you driving up Hwy 5 and give them the opportunity to salute you with the middle finger,like you have to all of us.Charger Nation you deserve much better.

  2. Paul

    I think…I’m pretty sure…I’m almost positive…Nah, I know for a fact, that you’re going to be outnumbered in this opinion. The Chargers need a new stadium…San Diego wasn’t able to handle the idea. LA will be a great home for the Chargers, and even though I’ll probably never see another game in person – whether they move or not, I’ll watch my Chargers – WHEREVER THEY PLAY – every chance I get.

  3. raif

    So you side with management and don’t have the fortitude to move on from the team that betrayed you…Good to know

  4. Paul

    I think about my Chargers, raif. Don’t care about management, don’t care about the city. If the Chargers went to St Louis like the Rams did, I would still be a Chargers fan. Just like my brother and mother are still Rams fans. You worry about something you have no control over if you wish.

  5. alavalonaaa

    Paul I think you are outnumbered. Go poll all season ticket holders like I said before.They don’t like the management of this ownership.Thanks Raif for telling it like it is.Some fans will follow the Chargers in spite of leaving town.Maybe we do’t have control over the situation,but we can sure let them know our money will not go into their greedy and slimy pockets.I may watch them as long as it is not pay per view.No disrespect to any of the players. Will never boo them.You are right,we need a new Stadium. For them to walk away from the negotiations at this stage and blindside us with the Carson project at this stage partnering with their hated rivals shows how much money talks.