Weddle on unhappy ending with Chargers

Soon to be former Chargers safety Eric Weddle discusses his unhappy ending with the San Diego Chargers, if he ever got a satisfactory answer for being placed on injured reserve against his will and why he’ll never talk to the organization again.



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7 thoughts on “Weddle on unhappy ending with Chargers

  1. Jack Tors

    This guy was a below average player this year and had been acting like a spoiled brat. He didn’t get his extention and was upset about it. He could have easily gone out this year and showed the organization they made a mistake but he stunk up the joint on the field and acted like a child. Now he will go somewhere else and be a below average safety thankfully. One of the only good moves the chargers did was not give him an extention

  2. Jack Tors

    The Chargers paid him more than any Safety in the NFL 8 million dollars a year. Weddle seems like a nice guy. But when multi millionaires pout and say they feel disrespected by a team that just paid him more money than any safety has ever made (at the time) I think that is pretty unfair. I hate the Spanos family with a passion. I hate what they are doing trying to take the Chargers to Carson. So in no way am I defending them. But come on Weddle be gracious and thank the Chargers for making you the highest paid safety in the NFL even though you are now a below average player

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  4. BnKool

    Jack said it best, ” But come on Weddle be gracious and thank the Chargers for making you the highest paid safety in the NFL….”. Show some class. You have made us think rules apparently don’t apply to you neither does a commitment to the team and its management. In the work place that is a toxic employee, so you should not be surprised at this result.

  5. Doug Lister

    did the people posting below watch the interview or pay attention to his stats? The guy still led the team in tackles on and off throughout the year playing with an injured groin and someone calls him mediocre? YOU’RE CLUELESS!!! And to the person who made a statement about him feeling diserespected? Marti asked him that question specifically and he said “no”, it’s part of the business of the NFL. Maybe you shouldn’t post if you’re too stupid to listen to the interview or READ!!!