Dean Spanos on the LA vote and if he wants to try and work a deal in San Diego

Chargers owner Dean Spanos discusses his disappointment in the Los Angeles vote, if he plans to work with Stan Kroenke in Inglewood or try and get a deal done in San Diego.



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13 thoughts on “Dean Spanos on the LA vote and if he wants to try and work a deal in San Diego

  1. Jim

    He meant the inability to build a new stadium in SD isn’t the fans fault or a reflection of their support of the team.

  2. charged99

    Dean owns a construction company that builds on land. Did he really think the NFL owners would approve to build a billion dollar stadium on contaminated land? Soil specialists say land that was used as a toxic dump (9 oil companies dumped toxic waste here) that the land need’s 100-120 yrs for the toxins in the soil to die off. If the Carson plan was approved the NFL would have to have independent soil samples done to ensure that the land is not contaminated. if they built on this land the toxins in the pipes could make the NFL players ill & also the ticket holders… If Dean really believed that they were going to give him the green light to build billion dollar stadium on toxic waste then Dean is a bigger smuck than I give him credit for.

  3. Jack Tors

    Arrogant billionaire trust fund baby says he has the right to take as long as he wants to make his decision. What about the 55 years of Chargers football and the billions of dollars he has made at the expense of San Diego Chargers fans. Don’t they deserve to know what the FK is going on?

  4. Walter Wyrostek

    After the way they have behaved, never never never. Its like the wife
    who threatened divorce, ran off with another man and had a torrid afair.
    Now after spending the weekend with your lover that didn’t work out so
    well you want to come back…………you filthy bitch…..not a chance
    in hell!

  5. dlibert

    I hope we all can take a deep breath and make a relationship work for the good of all San Diego. All sides in a relationship have responsibility for the good and the bad – no one side is all good or all bad. I am hop[ing that we can show how great we are as city – and that Dean can see his way to come together with others in this city to make our city great. It will be better for all if he ( the Chargers that is ) and all of us can work towards making this city the best it can be – and i think that means getting world class areana to host everything possible that is downtown and tied in with the convention center some how.

  6. startearning

    Yes, that what he said. But the fans are losers in this. If he REALLY cared about the fans then he would have at least tried to work with San Diego when they finally stepped up to the plate to get something done. He needs the San Diego fans to support the LA Chargers, or else they are a failure in LA, and that’s why he made that comment.

  7. BlueBoltFan

    Not to excuse the Chargers, but there’s plenty of blame to go around for both sides. The city clearly had no interest in building a stadium for the Chargers. The Chargers got sick of being led by the nose and sicced their pit bull Fabiani on them. By that point it was too late. Hopefully now, with clearer options, the Dean Spanos will try to work with the city in earnest once more.

  8. Why O Why

    Nice analogy but not quite. The city will get a $100,000,000.00 discount to keep an NFL team the city and the NFL want to keep in San Diego and the new stadium will just make an already very attractive city even more attractive.

  9. otaybob

    Mission Valley is the better site in my opinion. Downtown would be a nightmare as well as being way more expensive. Downtown is already a nightmare when the Padres are playing. Imagine 50 to 60 thousand people all going downtown for a football game. Where woud they build it? How will people get there? Where will people park? It would require another environmental impact report. And, buying the land necessary would be extremely expensive. The city already owns the land for the existing stadium. The trolley already goes to the stadium.