Rams will relocate to L.A., Chargers have option to join them

Dean Spanos

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to hold a press conference within the hour to report on the results of today’s owners’ meeting, but the details have already started flooding onto social networking sites.

It would appear that the St. Louis Rams are no longer, replaced by the return of the Los Angeles Rams.

The San Diego Chargers still exist, and may still have an opportunity to negotiate with the City of San Diego during construction of the Inglewood NFL stadium, but will have the option to relocate and become the Los Angeles Chargers if they do not get what they want in San Diego.



One thought on “Rams will relocate to L.A., Chargers have option to join them

  1. Butch Weinberg

    After ur!nating on Charger fans and the city of San Diego – Dean ran out and forgot to flush. Judging from his NFL news conference behavior and how quick he vacated, he swallowed too much of his bs, and didn’t look too good. Such an embarrassment – proves money can’t buy manners nor class.

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