REPORT: Chargers will be allowed to relocate to Inglewood, join Rams

It’s worth noting that the votes haven’t been cast yet (the first round of voting amongst the owners did not yield the required 24 votes for approval for the Inglewood stadium project), but it does appear that the NFL owners have come to a consensus out of their meetings today. The St. Louis Rams and the San Diego Chargers will be moving to Inglewood, California.

There are a few reports out there that the Chargers’ relocation would be conditional, as they would first be required to exhaust all options for trying to get a stadium deal done in San Diego.

It is rumored that the Chargers would be allowed to join the Rams in Inglewood any time in the next three years, but this would afford them and San Diego with the necessary time to wait for a vote. This would take away the concerns about a “timeline” that is too short, and allow the city to negotiate with the Chargers without the team losing any leverage, because joining the Rams in Inglewood will still exist as their fallback plan.

Do you like this deal for the Chargers? For the city of San Diego? For the Chargers fans? Let us know in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “REPORT: Chargers will be allowed to relocate to Inglewood, join Rams

  1. Ken Foster

    The Chargers have run away from their fans and really done a good job of spitting on them on the way out. Never did they ever try to market this as a good thing, they did nothing to make the SD fan base feel like they are wanted. The Chargers got a lot of ground to make up if they think they are going to “win back” the fan base.

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