Announcing the “Let’s do it, SD!” Stadium Initiative

From the desk of Mike Glickenhaus, President and Market Manager of the Broadcast Company of the Americas:

Many of us have been following the ongoing saga of the Chargers potentially leaving San Diego and relocating to Los Angeles. I would imagine that many folks are tired of the roller coaster ride we have been on. The ups and downs have been exhausting and emotionally draining. I think we’re all frustrated with the finger pointing, the disagreements, the lack of communication and certainly the lack of progress. Much of this was heard on our airwaves or seen on our website. While as the voice of the fans we have tried to give all sides a forum to express and share their perspective, it really hasn’t gotten us anywhere as the Chargers filed to relocate and pursue their quest to leave our town.

We now find ourselves with a window of opportunity based on the NFL owner’s decision yesterday. At the conclusion of their meeting it was announced that the St. Louis Rams are leaving their town and relocating to Los Angeles. We all need to think about this for a moment because that easily could have been us. We think it’s time to focus on what we as a community want. We at Broadcast Company of the Americas, the Mighty 1090, ESPN 1700 and 105.7 Max FM, feel it’s time for us to find a way to be more proactive and lead the charge for the entire community. This is not about the City of San Diego, or the County specifically, but the entire region of San Diego, or more appropriately “All” the people of San Diego. We want to help create a plan that brings a world class facility to our world class city. It’s not about a stadium for the Chargers, but a stadium that can be a showcase for San Diego. A facility that can house SDSU and the Chargers, as well as many other events including Super Bowls.

We certainly don’t have all the answers at this time but we are focused on the solution and not the politics or squabbles that have certainly been prevalent. We plan to meet with all the stakeholders involved, but most importantly we plan to focus on the solution. We also should keep in mind that the solution was made a little easier by yesterday’s NFL decisions, as the Commissioner announced that San Diego would have an additional $100 million to help support a stadium effort. This is a $100 million win for San Diego. We want to facilitate, persuade, align, cajole if necessary, to move this towards a positive resolution. We want to make sure the community is actively part of this solution. This isn’t about taking sides, but taking aim on the end game. We want to check egos at the door, along with everything else that gets in the way of our overall goal.

With this in mind, we are kicking off our “Let’s do it, SD!” Stadium Initiative.



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