NFL press conference excerpt: Goodell, Spanos, Davis & Kroenke on the LA decision

Watch some of the highlights from the NFL’s press conference on the Los Angeles decision as Roger Goodell, Bob McNair, Dean Spanos, Stan Kroenke and Mark Davis address the media on the Inglewood outcome.



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2 thoughts on “NFL press conference excerpt: Goodell, Spanos, Davis & Kroenke on the LA decision

  1. martine E.

    MUST SEE!!!—> John Oliver — ( )!!!!!!!!
    OR GO TO FACEBOOK –> John Oliver/stadiums–VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!

    These “A _ _ -holes, sport broadcasters on 1090, and those IDIOTS of 1360 ONLY CARE ABOUT T HEIR “JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!”

    ***Here is the REAL-TRUTH about the nfl-owners*** THEY’RE “F-en” GREEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Butch Weinberg

    Poor Dean didn’t look too good … only made a hundred million in a few days … hope he got some rest today, if not perhaps tomorrow?

    And a modern facility needs to built in San Diego .. the longer it takes to get the politics done, the higher the price becomes. Nothing wrong with Mission Valley I believe. Sure downtown would be awesome in so many ways, but I’d be interested to see what the exact facility wold cost in both locations before i voted on it? Especially how it would effect each of the two local economies. since a large portion on attendance has been the visitor’s fans? As for the SD hotel industry’s influence … they should be thankful a beautiful city like San Diego exist and the residents that make it a great place to visit.

    Karma is a bitch, I’ve been told, and I have witnessed it not enough. I guess it comes down to Dean’s options now. He’s the QB, can MF offensive line protect the QB as well now as he did last year? Or has the defense become stronger since Houston? The city now knows his options. One going to LA as a tenant … really? … that’s a good one one multi multi millionaire paying a richer multi billionaire rent to LA’s B team (didn’t the Clippers teach you anything?) Took a long time for the Clippers to be respected by the community) and even with a better record it’s still the Lakers town … come on NFL?
    Next option, the 50/50 partnership with Stan … oh yea their best bud’s I’ve heard. Dean only needs a billion plus to do that. Judging from his friends showing their support with going to LA .. no problem for some partnerships to happen. I can hardly write this and keep from smiling. The look on Dean’s face he might have just fumbled? Unfortunately it could take a year for a “official” proclamation of where the Charger home will be, but one option remains .. and SD recovers the ball, works all the bs out and a facility is built.

    Oh btw – I’ll give Dean some insider info .. the residents aren’t too happy with you at the moment, all this move sh!t wore people down, especially those that really care. Add a 4-12 record on top, not to mention the last decade. And the residents that don’t care if the Chargers stay or leave got tired of all the media and family and friends that brought it up all the time.

    Yeah, so the City messed up here and there, but the Charger organization is not exactly innocent .. I’m sure a Superbowl appearance would of changed everything? It could have handled better on both sides…duh.

    Now can the City offense control the ball against the Chargers defense, and don’t use either’s past record? We’ll find out in less than a year once and for the near future….

    ….. a billion dollars .. lmao. Maybe he should ask Inglewood how much they’ll give him….