Mark Davis on Raiders stadium and city options after losing out on Los Angeles

Raiders owner Mark Davis on the teams’ stadium and home options after losing out on Los Angeles and if he’d consider San Diego, should the Chargers leave for LA.



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7 thoughts on “Mark Davis on Raiders stadium and city options after losing out on Los Angeles


    I hope the city of Oakland can make a deal. but it is a business and Mark is going to do whatever he has to to get a new stadium. but I hope he stays in oakland.

  2. Iron Maiden

    They need to stay in Oakland! There a ghetto team and nobody else with brains wants the Raiders !

  3. Iron Maiden

    True fact : when the Raiders played at the LA Colosseum. The players would not allow their own families to attend games because of all the gang violence at the games. All Raiders fans are Cholos and Cholas and gang members . They are a violent element. Los Angeles is trying to clean up the city. We cannot invite this dangerous gang element to LA. For the safety of our community , I pray that the Raiders stay in Oakland

    All Raiders fans are extremely “Proud” of the ghetto thug label! If the NFL allows the Raiders to move to the LA market, the NFL won’t see any profit. 99% of Raider fans do not like to pay for anything . All the Raiders fans will vandalize the new stadium with graffiti and urine ! It’s the truth and It’s the demographic . All other NFL fans that spend thousands of dollars in tickets, merchandise and concessions will not spend a dime on the LA Raiders . Raiders fans will not pay for PSL’s or season seats . These fans want it all for free . Since the new stadium will be sophisticated the fans will not be able to hop the fence like they did at the colosseum or they still do at Dodger games . Hopefully NFL does their proper research , because I can already envision the Raiders in LA and the NFL complaining and asking why are there so many empty seats ? I remember when the Raiders played at the coliseum all the yellow jacket security would allow everyone in to the game for free. That was the only reason the seats would fill up. If the Raiders cannot sell out their own stadium in Oakland , it will be much worse in LA. The majority of Los Angeles fans cheer for other NFL teams and will not convert to the Raider fan base just because there here in LA
    I do not conduct any business with Raiders fans , they free load and end up owing you money ! Rams make perfect sense for LA
    I live in Los Angeles and these are Facts
    All Raiders fans reak alcohol on their clothes and breath , it’s so annoying . Also at the mall or market they won’t move an inch to the side so you can pass by , I always move and they have their fat stomachs in the way. They all love to spit wads of mucus on the clean floors and walls of public places . I experience this everyday with all Raider fans
    Additional facts
    1-Raiders fans drive a beat up old car like 20 years old
    2- wait for the bus and graffiti the bench
    3- wear cheap counterfeit old jerseys like Jamarcus Russell or Javon Walker made from “Starter” not Nike or Reebok
    4- always celebrate like they won the Super Bowl when they win a meaningless pre season game
    5- all Los Angeles fans think everyone loves their Raiders when in reality we laugh at them and cannot stand the low life ghetto fans
    6- shave their heads , wear baggy ass pants and think they look So cool
    7- all prison inmates get a Raiders tattoo
    8-all Raiders fans are fat Chulos and Chulas
    9-walk around with an ugly bull dog and they act like their tough
    10-in all low income housing there are Raider flags everywhere . Representing the losers
    11- all border brothers that don’t speak English wear a Raider tshirt
    12-are always looking to see what they can get for free or even steal
    13- drive recklessly and mad dog you
    14- Raidernation needs to stay in Oakland
    This is what RaiderNation represents !

  4. Juan Aguero

    You need keep your ugly fans and your fucken piece of shit team in LA or OAK stay out of San Diego.

  5. Ray Correa

    Narrow minded moron !!! Talking out of ur stupid racial stereo typeing , ignorant bafoon !!! You got all the negative info you could which was from the 80s when violence was high until the late 1990s …. How easy can it be for anyone to go look up dirt on any team racist !!! Why didn’t you include the fact that the Raiders were the first team to draft a black QB ? First to hire a black head coach Rooney rule my ass !!! How about the cholos who coached and quarterbacked the Raiders to 2 Super Bowls !!!! How about the first team to hire a woman to the highest position in the NFL !!? How about the 24 hall of famers ? Wich should include those 2 cholos !!! See you dumb ass it’s not cool to be a gangster in the Mexican community , you still
    Might have some but kids arnt trying to be gang bangers so screw your 1980s version of the Raider Nation just angry because your team gets beat by some cholos !!!!!

  6. Iron Maiden

    Ray Correa Why Would you insult someone you do not know ? call them a moron and a buffoon ! You have demonstrated you are a ignorant and classless ghetto Raider fan . Your the example to what every raider Hater is talking about ! Hopefully the raiders move 3 states away to San Antonio and you can go with them !

  7. Iron Maiden

    Raiders need to move to the Silver Dome in Pontiac, Michigan . If the Raiders renew their Coliseum lease for 2016, I hope San Antonio closes their offer to the team.
    It’s completely ridiculous how the Raiders are being treated in Oakland. What amazes me more is that Al Davis left LA in 1995 for this baseball field stadium . What a idiot. He could had and controlled the entire LA market but instead he used all his energy to sue the NFL . The NFL made it clear it would allow the Rams (whom had a pretty decent stadium in St. Louis) to move but make the Raiders continue to play in a literal toilet, the absolute travesty is that this team has been crying for a new stadium for the past 35 years and gotten nothing but two ancient coliseums, all the while. This is what Al Davis wanted so live with it Raider fans that was your leaders choice . A city in Texas has all but offered to build a billion dollar stadium right in the middle of the fastest growing region in the country, with a regional (San Antonio/Austin) population of around 5 million and a combined television market that would rank 17th between Miami and Denver.
    Mark Davis And Ray Carrera are big time clowns and morons and buffoons !