If Chargers bolt, San Diego should welcome the Raiders

San Diego Chargers line up against the Oakland Raiders

As a local San Diegan, like many of you, I grew up a Chargers fan.

My first-ever football jersey was Junior Seau’s. I rocked it hard.

My Seau jersey is long gone now, but I still have my navy blue L.T. jersey and a powder blue Antonio Gates jersey I got back in high school. Admittedly, I haven’t worn them in years since venturing into the world of sports media, but I haven’t got rid of them either. They represent a piece of my upbringing.

Like many of you, I have a plethora of memories at Qualcomm Stadium that I will forever cherish.

My parents were Chargers season ticket holders during the “glory” years of the 2000’s. I screamed, yelled, chanted, tailgated.

All of it.

And I’ll never forget it.

But, as we know, the Chargers could very well be departing our beloved city. Dean Spanos has been granted the opportunity to share a stadium with Stan Kroenke’s Rams in Inglewood. He has one year to decide on a move to Los Angeles. 

Details of how the Rams/Chargers potential partnership will work are being discussed by both teams right now.

According to Kevin Acee, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Spanos finally spoke on the phone Thursday. Apparently they didn’t get into anything too specific, but it sounds like it was at least a fresh start (the Chargers left the negotiating table last June) to resuming more comprehensive dialogue on a potential stadium in San Diego.

The caveat is that Spanos is not going to seriously start negotiating with the city until he has a firm agreement with Kroenke. He needs the leverage.

So, what should Faulconer do in the meantime?

Call Raiders’ owner Mark Davis.

That’s right.

It’s been suggested that, if the Chargers do end up going to Los Angeles, the Raiders would then key in on San Diego.


Faulconer should get the ball rolling now. The city needs leverage just as much as Spanos does.

If Spanos does in fact come back to the table, he is going to try and squeeze out the best possible deal with the least amount of personal financial contribution. That’s how you negotiate in business, which is why Faulconer should be ready to counter with the idea that the city and Raiders are prepared to work out a deal in San Diego. 

If the city and the Chargers come to an agreement, awesome! We get to keep our team (likely pending voter approval). But, if Spanos doesn’t like what the city is proposing, fine. Let him move to Los Angeles, play second fiddle to the Rams (and every other team up there), and let’s get the Raiders in San Diego.

If a good deal, and the prospect of the Raiders moving to San Diego isn’t enough to sway him, than his true colors really are green.

Plus, if San Diego is to have any sort of last laugh in this saga, imagine Spanos trying to hold on to that vaunted 25 percent we so often hear about in Los Angeles/Orange County with the Rams in Inglewood, and the Raiders in San Diego?

Ha! Good luck.

We should remember that allegiance is a two-way street. If one partner is unwilling to mirror the same loyalty than there’s no point in staying committed. It’s time to move on.

If the NFL is so important to our civic pride, we should embrace whichever team wants to be a part of America’s Finest City.

Even if that’s the Raiders.

It doesn’t mean you have to burn your Chargers jerseys. It doesn’t mean your memories of chanting “LT!, LT!, LT!” or “Eli sucks! Eli sucks!” are any less real.

It just means you’re no longer a fan of blue and gold.

For me, I’m okay with that because above all, like many of you, I’m a fan of San Diego and that’s what’s most important.

If that means welcoming the silver and black, so be it.


–Andrew Burer (TWITTER: @andrewburer)





32 thoughts on “If Chargers bolt, San Diego should welcome the Raiders

  1. Rafael Solorzano

    Fact is that we, or at least many like me, love football, and we love
    San Diego Football, but if the Chargers leave us, and if we get lucky and have
    another NFL franchise replace the one that decided to leave home, good, look at
    it under this scenario: Dad left home to be with someone else, and when he does
    not find the love elsewhere he decides to come back, but guess what Dad?, Mom
    has a boyfriend courting her so it’s not like you can come back that easily. If
    the Spanos want to move their mediocre team elsewhere, good riddance, we
    deserve better!

  2. Rafael Solorzano

    Nothing wrong with Faulconer entering talks with Mark Davis to consider the possibility of the Raiders becoming San Diego´s next NFL franchise.

  3. Rafael Solorzano

    Enjoy the drive to root for the Los Angeles, Inglewood, Carson or whatever the Chargers become, I will root for a San Diego team.

  4. Rafael Solorzano

    Wasnt if our soon to be San Diego Chargers the ones that stunk? I love to hate the Raiders, but I would not mind it if they were to become our future franchise.

  5. Edward Sherman

    Never said i would drive anywhere but a tiger can’t change his stripes i will never root for Faiderers period.

  6. Rafael Solorzano

    Never is a long time, I am not quiting FB nor SD sports, its our first divorce, we dont know how things will shape like in the coming years.

  7. Gamaliel Rios

    I’m a San Diego born Raiders fan, funny how you call us faiders. The hate is mutual, chokers fan.

  8. mbabylash

    I’ve had Chargers season tickets for 26 years. I am a San Diego native. I don’t miss games. But when/if the Chargers leave I would cheer for any team that moved to SD. Even if it was the Raiders. A couple of years ago I would’ve laughed in your face if this topic was brought up. Dean Spanos has put this fan base through hell the past year. If he leaves its his decision but he shouldn’t expect us to follow his team north (especially if another team moves to SD). I would cheer for any team that moves in. In fact I’ll get season tickets for the San Diego Raiders. Can you imagine a Chargers Raiders game in SD and its a Raider home game? Wait, its usually a Raider home game anyway.


    Actually I went from hating the idea to warming too it, but can we put a restriction on the guys dressing up in costumes if they come? Also I would be concerned about San Diego being represented by thug fans. However, I love the idea as a negotiation tactic.

  10. Jason Martinez

    Yes! I live in San Diego, I’m a home owner and tax payer, I have no problem welcoming Mark Davis bowl haircut and 1997 Dodge Caravan not to mention three Lombardy trophys. The Raiders have a bright future, Del Rio, Carr, Cooper, Crabs and Mack their stock is up since Al died, I believe Mark has done a fine job unlike Spanos family I think SD would fall in love with the Raiders and Mark, especially if they bring a Lombardy trophy to this great city I love.
    Signed SD Raider Fan!

  11. Majgendude

    Why doesn’t Spanos and Davis just trade teams the way Rosenbloom and Irsay did back in 1972. Davis could be a hero in San Diego keeping the Bolts here and Spanos would be welcomed by the all the Raider fans in LA.

  12. geo

    The Raiders dont need FANS.. they have plenty of those. They need a decent stadium
    that is’nt that HELL HOLE that is the O!!! That city is a complete DUMP! I say move to San Diego….Cal them the California RAIDERS!!

  13. geo

    The feeling is mutual. The chokers SUCK ASSS! They never won anything!! Atleast we won 3 super bowls.

  14. NihilistZerO

    The thug thing is a little overblown. The criminal class can’t afford tickets to an NFL game nowadays. And wouldn’t the California Raiders playing before a packed Mission Valley Stadium while the Chargers face a half full coliseum give you some sweet schadenfreude??? Spanos as the NFL’s tourist team in perpetuity has got to warm your heart.

  15. Eric J. Chambers

    Like that song from the 70s, “Ain’t no since in going home. Jody’s got your girl and gone!” It will become Raiders country. Trust me. If the Chargers move here to LA and the Raiders to San Diego, the Chargers will be in no-man’s-land, playing before Arena League-looking crowds. I predict a DISASTER! Like another song says, “Love the one you’re with!”

  16. Iron Maiden

    All Raider fans are known for wearing counterfeit jerseys ! They have no money for season tickets .

  17. Iron Maiden

    True fact : when the Raiders played at the LA Colosseum. The players would not allow their own families to attend games because of all the gang violence at the games. All Raiders fans are Cholos and Cholas and gang members . They are a violent element. Los Angeles is trying to clean up the city. We cannot invite this dangerous gang element to LA. For the safety of our community , I pray that the Raiders stay in Oakland

    All Raiders fans are extremely “Proud” of the ghetto thug label! If the NFL allows the Raiders to move to the LA market, the NFL won’t see any profit. 99% of Raider fans do not like to pay for anything . All the Raiders fans will vandalize the new stadium with graffiti and urine ! It’s the truth and It’s the demographic . All other NFL fans that spend thousands of dollars in tickets, merchandise and concessions will not spend a dime on the LA Raiders . Raiders fans will not pay for PSL’s or season seats . These fans want it all for free . Since the new stadium will be sophisticated the fans will not be able to hop the fence like they did at the colosseum or they still do at Dodger games . Hopefully NFL does their proper research , because I can already envision the Raiders in LA and the NFL complaining and asking why are there so many empty seats ? I remember when the Raiders played at the coliseum all the yellow jacket security would allow everyone in to the game for free. That was the only reason the seats would fill up. If the Raiders cannot sell out their own stadium in Oakland , it will be much worse in LA. The majority of Los Angeles fans cheer for other NFL teams and will not convert to the Raider fan base just because there here in LA
    I do not conduct any business with Raiders fans , they free load and end up owing you money ! Rams make perfect sense for LA
    I live in Los Angeles and these are Facts
    All Raiders fans reak alcohol on their clothes and breath , it’s so annoying . Also at the mall or market they won’t move an inch to the side so you can pass by , I always move and they have their fat stomachs in the way. They all love to spit wads of mucus on the clean floors and walls of public places . I experience this everyday with all Raider fans
    1-Raiders fans drive a beat up old car like 20 years old
    2- wait for the bus and graffiti the bench
    3- wear cheap counterfeit old jerseys like Jamarcus Russell or Javon Walker made from “Starter” not Nike or Reebok
    4- always celebrate like they won the Super Bowl when they win a meaningless pre season game
    5- all Los Angeles fans think everyone loves their Raiders when in reality we laugh at them and cannot stand the low life ghetto fans
    6- shave their heads , wear baggy ass pants and think they look So cool
    7- all prison inmates get a Raiders tattoo
    8-all Raiders fans are fat Cholos and Cholas
    9-walk around with an ugly bull dog and they act like their tough
    10-in all low income housing there are Raider flags everywhere . Representing the losers
    11- all border brothers that don’t speak English wear a Raider tshirt
    12-are always looking to see what they can get for free or even steal
    13- drive recklessly and mad dog you
    14- Raidernation needs to stay in Oakland
    This is what RaiderNation represents !

  18. Iron Maiden

    All the Raider fans cheer for El Chapo Guzman and want the perks of welfare and section 8 housing . All Raider fans are big heroin addicts

  19. Gamaliel Rios

    Clearly your brain isn’t your best asset. I was never a chokers fan and have been a Raiders fan my whole life, can’t be a bandwagon fan with those circumstances genius.

  20. Mike Meram

    Oh heck yes..First of all this is a whole different regime the Raiders have..The Al Davis renegade mentality is gone, and they now operate with a legit GM and good organization..And they have a Very Good up and coming young team with a foundation of youth …A good young QB and WR in place for years, a stud LB and a team beginning to contend..Look, if Spanos wants L.A instead, this would be a great option we can all warm to right away..It may seem odd for a little while, but we can and will get used to it in a short time, expessially if they WIN, something Spanos has not been able to accomplish very much here except for a few years which he screwed up by not stepping in to the mess of his GM and coach like a good owner should do ..Mark Davis is on the right track for success soon, so Falcouner should place a call asap should Spanos leave..Plus, imagine the satisfaction and fun we would have with ol Deano when he comes to town and hears if from us year after year..Lets bring the San Diego Raiders here so we can show the Chargers what they missed out on!

  21. Juan Aguero

    I will still call them piece of shit raiders stay in oak or la we don’t want you here I would rather have nothing chargers or nothing

  22. Ruben Raider Drem Alvarado

    Did ur punk ass just say all Raider fans are Heroin addicts?? U are full of shit

  23. Iron Maiden

    Yes and if there not heroin addicts they’re marijuana or cocaine or meth users . There also proud !drug users. Notice how all raider fans have long nails with dirt. Also why do all raider fans wear cheap counterfeit jerseys . They shoukd step up and wear brand new authentic Nike jerseys . Raiders are sorry ass fans and organziation. Too think Al Davis could have stayed in LA and controlled the entire market but he left for that cheap baseball field and now there begging to come back to LA . Karma has bitten the raiders back!

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