San Diegans discuss if they’d support the Raiders if they move to San Diego

The Rams are going to Los Angeles but a lot remains to be seen as it pertains to the future of the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders.

Should the Chargers follow Stan Kroenke and the Rams to Inglewood, there will be a large void in the San Diego market that the NFL covets. Raiders owner Mark Davis, currently operating without a lease, made it clear that there’s no guarantee they will return to Oakland. And Davis has made it apparent to several people around the NFL that he would have eyes on San Diego.

Well that’s nice and dandy, but would spurned San Diegans support their long time nemesis should the Raiders move to San Diego? I asked a few people around Pacific Beach.



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14 thoughts on “San Diegans discuss if they’d support the Raiders if they move to San Diego

  1. Juan A Estreyer

    Even I have been a Raider Hater for all my life I will support the San Diego Whatevers and would never support any LA team

  2. chuckupnow

    Believe based on this video the answer is “Sure” to the Raiders in SD. But the sentiment for the Chargers moving to LA is nasty distain.

    It will take 1 home game for San Diegan’s to say, “Mack,Carr and Cooper…hell yeah!”

    Still will not happen. The Chargers will be going to LA while the Raiders will keep floating in the wind until Mark Davis finally decides to bring in a partner or sell the team.

  3. SoCalGreek

    Raiders would have to win a Lombardy as the San Diego Raiders for me to even entertain the thought of jumping on that bandwagon.

  4. geo

    The Raiders dont need any new stupid fans from san diego, all they need is a stadium in california. They should make the move to san diego and call themslelves the CALI RAIDERS!! SCREW SAN DIEGO FANS!!

  5. geo

    When the Raiders play in Qualcomm , they already have 80% of the fans in the stadium rooting for them as it is…lol… TOO many Raiders fans across California!!

  6. eleepka

    If the chargers bail automatically I will put a The Raider emblem on top of the bolt on my favorite hat. I think San Diego will be engulfed into Raider nation.

  7. Juan Aguero

    That’s ok San Diego fans don’t want your sorry ass fans here stay in Oakland or LA we don’t want you here.

  8. mbabylash

    I was born to hate the Raiders. I’ve had season tix for 26 years. But if the Chargers leave I will cheer for any team that plays in San Diego. Even the Raiders. I’d even buy season tix. I guess hell has frozen over. Maybe its the coming of the end of the world. Because a die hard Charger fan would become a Raider fan. Saying that, I sure hope the Chargers stay because I don’t want to be a Raider fan. Although I will not be a LA Charger fan at all.

  9. alavalonaaa

    The only way I would support the Raiders is if both owners agreed to a name swap and jersey swap. Silver and Black, not my bag. Dean needs to stop looking and money and realize he will make money here with new stadium, and have loyalty which is not in LA. If he chooses to be Kroenke’s mistress in LA so be it. City and Chargers need to get common ground to get this done. If he stays evasive, give him Balboa Stadium. No one will come or pay for a Lame Duck franchise.