Fletch: Who Is He Now?

Oh Chevy Chase, now I understand more of why you were so beloved. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen him in “Caddyshack” and the “Vacation” movies but after seeing him in “Community,” it was hard to fully comprehend his impact. However after watching “Fletch,” I see why he was the man.

Fletch, or Irwin Fletcher as nobody calls him, is an investigative journalist in the best ways possible. While covering a tough beat about drugs on the beach, we see this writer consistently lie his way through a multitude of situations. Of course everything gets a little crazy after being asked to kill Alan Stanwyk…by Alan Stanwyk.

The journalist digs deep into his “victim” to find out what he’s really about. As you would expect, Alan is not what he seems so Fletch continues to delve into this aristocrat’s world. What makes this journey so fun is the way our protagonist confidently slithers his way to get what he wants. While he may seem smooth at first, Fletch actually makes plenty of mistakes. But he knows just the right thing to do before getting the hell out of Dodge.

Luckily for Fletch, both cases tie into one another, which can be tough as well when the chief of police is a prime suspect. Although the film is a comedy, it does get pretty dark as the journalist almost gets killed a few times. But he still finds away to smile and work his way out of these precarious circumstances.

If I haven’t made it clear already, Chevy Chase really steals the show. It is his cockiness and bravado that draws you in but the awkward mistakes are what keep you laughing. Even in the worst situations, he never seems to flinch. I guess he is like Joe Montana in that he never stresses when the pressure reaches its max.

I also actually found the genre of the film a little more unique. Sure there are plenty of movies about people going undercover to solve a complicated case but they almost always center around police officers. Never do you really see a journalist putting himself in those situations. Other than “All the President’s Men,” I can’t think of too many films using a writer at the center of plot. And that’s what makes both so memorable; they can’t shoot their way out of it.

I had been tipped of by our guy John Gennaro about how good “Fletch” is and I totally understand how he feels. The way the journalist lies his way through a dangerous story just keeps you entranced yet laughing at the same time. It never goes too far in either direction, which keeps the movie centered. While Chevy Chase may have fallen off the wagon in the last decade or so, “Fletch” is the best example of what makes him such a star. Now if only Irwin wasn’t a Lakers fan…



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