What will Dean Spanos do?

Moving the Chargers to Los Angeles is becoming increasingly complicated. What will Dean Spanos do? Scott Kaplan breaks it down.





7 thoughts on “What will Dean Spanos do?

  1. Frank McKenna

    Fabiani failed to get a deal done in San Diego for 14 years. Fabiani and his Carson plan failed spectacularly 30-2. Now Fabiani’s Los Angeles plan is failing too and he is making zero progress on the one viable proposal the city has offered. Why are they keeping this guy around when he his whole career with the Chargers is a fail.

  2. Majgendude

    Spanos and Davis should trade teams or just trade team names and colors. Spanos could then move with a popular LA team and San Diego could save their Bolts with a new owner that could work with the city to develop a plan for a new stadium.

  3. vblick2

    Is Dean off or back on his Meds? Nothing but a classless back stabbing jerk. Loving Kroenke treating Dino the same way. With that terrible schedule, head coach and 4-12 team can’t wait to see how many season ticket holders don’t renew next month.

  4. vblick2

    Rams are a QB away from making the playoffs. Season tickets are at St Louis prices starting at $300. Rams will be handing off to Gurley with great games vs. Super Bowl Champ Panthers Cam Newton, Russel Wilson’s Hawks, Zona’s Fitzgerald and Chip Kelly resurrecting Kaepernicks career.

  5. Mike Meram

    Look, before Kroenke bought the Inglewood Land EVERYTHING was still focused on getting a deal done here in San Diego by the Chargers..Spanos did what he felt he had to do to protect his business interest given the lack of progress here in San Diego..but now the way it has unfolded, we can use this all to our advantage. the NFL has given both sides a $100 million head start to get something done here! dont blow this chance! IF something cant get done downtown as the team prefers, Dean should use that grant to help put a roof on a new stadium on the Qualcomm site, which would greatly benefit the city to be able to book events year around there. Concerts, Final Fours all kinds of attractions which can bring the city huge revenues annually! and that being said opening up avenues for the aging Sports Arena/Valley View site to be developed or sold for which would be worth Millions to the city and its economy..We HAVE to think bigger here..Its not just about a stadium for the Chargers but a Sports/ Entertainment complex for ALL San Diegans to enjoy and be proud of!