Eric Weddle shaves beard, live tweets it

He may not be with the San Diego Chargers much longer, so Eric Weddle has gone about cleaning up his image before free agency begins….

This is the “before” picture.

Eric Weddle looks a bit like Tank Abbott with the goatee.

Eric looks so friendly and nice with a moustache and a light stubble! Even with the mohawk, this is a trustworthy-looking individual.

As smooth as a baby’s butt!

Okay, maybe not quite. Weddle still has something that could be considered a beard, but he’s definitely ready to face to new employers with his new look.

Here’s a reminder of what Eric looked like when he first came to San Diego:

San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle

Make sure to check out Eric Weddle’s interview with Kevin Acee, where he talks about why he decided to shave his beard.



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