Kaplan & Acee: What does Fred Maas hire mean for stadium solution?

Scott Kaplan and Kevin Acee discuss the Chargers hiring of Fred Maas and what it means for finding a stadium solution in San Diego




3 thoughts on “Kaplan & Acee: What does Fred Maas hire mean for stadium solution?

  1. ScottyTBoltfan

    A year ago I would have paid anything to keep the bolts. Now, forget it. Get the hotel folks to pay and Spanos, I’m NOT voting for 1 cent of my san diego county tax. Spanos and the NFL can beat it!

  2. Dottie Emerson

    I am a 55-year Charger fan from the Balboa Stadium days, but live part-time in the Dallas area. Anyone who thinks a stadium is for the “Spanos family” needs to look at Jerry World. Arlington, Texas is now making money hand over fist thanks to Jerry’s vision of using it for small things (daily company meetings in suites) to Final 4’s, NBA Finals, huge concerts, wrestling, CW Awards, tours all day, every day. SD will shrink into a small town without the ability to showcase our city. And a stadium will bring rewards to ALL, not just “Dean and the NFL.”

  3. ScottyTBoltfan

    I’m a native (still live here) and had season tickets for 10 + years, I have pictures of my new born son in Charger gear from 6 + years ago. I’m just over it.

    The Chargers/NFL needs SD more than I need the Chargers here. The city will never “profit” from a new stadium, you can hold events to help offset the cost but that’s about it. The county will not even having naming rights, will get very little if anything out of it’s investment. If you want to argue it’s good for the community, that’s entirely different, I agree it is good.

    But, SD will always be a tourist destination. That’s like saying Florida needs the Jaguars and Dolphins, I don’t agree.

    I have no idea what Dallas paid vs. JJ. Would love to see the return on investment Dallas is getting and the break even point. LA is paying almost nothing, I believe it’s 200M or less.