Padres name Tyson Ross as Opening Day starter

The San Diego Padres have a new Manager this year, and Andy Green has started off his very first Spring Training by doing something kind of odd. Green named Tyson Ross as his Opening Day starter, #1 in the rotation, the day after pitchers are catchers reported to Peoria, Arizona.

The pitchers haven’t had a chance to stretch out yet, and a Spring Training game is still almost two weeks away, but Green was assertive and decisive.

There were some who speculated that the Padres would, or should, trade Tyson Ross this offseason. At 28 years old and with two more (inexpensive) controllable years, Ross is an incredibly valuable asset that the team could have turned into prospects, as they did with Craig Kimbrel.

With Ross not being traded, and now seemingly getting a promotion and a chance to prove himself as an “ace” of the pitching staff, it seems obvious now that the Padres are hoping to compete this season and retain Tyson Ross for a long time.



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