Kaplan: Can we finally all get on the same team?

Scott Kaplan breaks down the Chargers announcement that they will officially pursue a downtown stadium through a citizens’ initiative and what it means for San Diego going forward.



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7 thoughts on “Kaplan: Can we finally all get on the same team?

  1. Spade

    Same team? Are you sure you live in San Diego Scott? This city is civic and political poison driven by nothing more than egos. We aren’t America’s Finest City. We’re America’s Finest Political Cluster Fuck. You should know that by now. All of the bickering and misinformation that has polluted the city will eventually cost us both the Chargers and Comic-Con. Then we’ll look back and shake out heads at how fucked the politics are in this city what it has cost us.

  2. Elyse Tucker Hochman

    I completely agree with you Scott..downtown is the way to go..everyone has to get on the same page. It will become the hub of San Diego..restaurants, entertainment, hotels and sports center..convention center..comic con..sounds awesome to me! Mission Valley..not so much!

  3. maineblackbears12

    How is spending what in the end will be Billions of Dollars mostly through huge tax hikes on a stadium and relocation of those in that area is good for the people.
    It is only good for Dean Spanos a guy who has shown for the past few years he does not want to be here he has put at least 2 proposals out to leave for LA Farmers Field and Carson.
    The taxpayers would be spending all this money to prop up a business that only is good 8 to 10 weeks a year while the building stays dormant 350+ days a year.
    I don’t see anyone else asking for subsidies on this stadium other than the Chargers. Comic-Con opposes this stadium as was proven this week in a press release, Businesses in that are are coming out angry about possibly being displaced or losing some of their land due to this.
    The facts other cities that have done combo stadium-convention deal it is have failed miserably with those cities doing away with them.
    Just a new stadium itself done by taxpayers in other cities has been a money loser and boondoggle it has cost more than projected and the revenue to pay the cities back has been lower and those cities get stuck paying to maintain them and those cities rack up tremendous debt.
    Sound familiar that is what is wrong with Qualcomm the taxpayers are paying for keeping the Chargers from bolting now which they can do at anytime which they are trying to do now.
    The fact is let them go let them be second fiddle in Kroenke’s place let things cool down for a short period.
    Then bring in the Raiders and do a Soldier Field style renovation a New Stadium using parts of Qualcomm and even if you add the dome it still would be far less than what this proposal costs.
    You would get the Raiders who are on the rise and would become a serious contender a very young team that will be a very successful team if they do end up in San Diego for many years to come compared to the awful team and owner we have now.

  4. Greg Jackson

    The building stays dormant for 350+ days a year??? I mean Comic Con is only here for 3 days a year, do you think the convention center stays closed all those other days? It’s hard to believe you know anything about stadiums.
    The Chargers haven’t even revealed a plan for this yet and you’re already talking about cooling down and getting the Raiders somewhere down the line smh…
    No to remodels and hell no to the Raiders.

  5. Steve-Gaitha Athans

    Spanos is NOT the only one who will benefit! Gimme a Break! that would be like the Only one who is benefitting from Petco is the Padres Owner. C’mon now..

  6. maineblackbears12

    That’s right this stadium if approved will be a major financial loser just like it was for folks in St. Louis which used tax dollars now has no team yet is on the hook for $100 million + total taxpayers are on hook for.
    Are we going to be like Atlanta have all 4 teams current or past complain about wanting new arenas/stadiums when theirs aren’t fully paid for and less than 20 yrs old.
    Washington faces same issues 17 year old stadium need a new one.
    So every 20 years now we need a new stadium to keep up with the Kroenke’s and Jones’ of the world not happening.
    Same with folks claiming we are gonna get MLS, Super Bowls etc..
    Voters will vote this foolish giveaway away to these Billionaires it won’t get 50+1 nevermind 2/3 vote recent polls show only 30 to 35% support.
    Considering this city is billions in debt, pension debt, has huge backlog on road , sewer, water , and other projects.
    Yet they want a stadium want football drive up on the 5 to the coliseum you will have two teams or wait a couple years for the
    Raiders to come.
    Cause taxpayers should not subsidize any billionaires period we need real jobs with real wages not concession jobs from a freakin football stadium this idea is a sham so Spanos can claim he at least tried to swindle gullible folks.

  7. maineblackbears12

    What hogwash stop drinking the kool-aid from the biased sports radio media this stations owners are tied into this deal, and the union tribune .
    Who’s paying to keep these stadiums maintained it isn’t the owners give me a break. Spanos has been getting freebies from San Diego taxpayers for years while wanting to fleece folks for more taking taxpayers for a ride on this.
    Your gonna see billions of tax dollars to buy the 11 or more parcels of land that is needed your not just gonna hand it to them. The bus yard relocation, Enviornmental reports , remediation of the current and new land is gonna be a hundreds of millions at least folks won’t like it .
    They also won’t vote to hike taxes for this insanity, same with the convention expansion won’t get 50+1 nor 2/3 not in this political enviornment and bad economy folks are getting squeezed now and not fully recovered hiking taxes for no reason will anger everyone.
    Having seen this in Boston, Portland Maine, LA, Phoenix/Glendale with other major and minor league teams wanting not only new stadiums/arenas but need tons of taxpayer subsidies after things are built or they leave.
    It is a awful plan how much do these billionaires need at the expense of poor folks if they can’t run these teams they should sell or move them and find the next gullible moocher to mooch off of.
    No on “CON”vadium and No to tax hike for convention center time to cut spending and taxes end these crazy gimmicks and subsidies give us relief with real jobs and economic with real wages that grows the economic pie.
    This sleazy deal is about as bad as having Casinos and Gambling shifts it to another sleazy group of folks who no benefit to anyone else.
    Just the overpaid athletes and sports reporters / radio hosts who cover them are pushing this.
    I love sports played through college but this is crazy just let them go and bring in the Raiders who want a cheaper stadium and their team is better than this rag tag bunch we got now.