Great Day For Atlanta’s PR Team

Make a quick note of this one in your off-season fantasy War Room… Because it sounds weird to say out loud, but after 11 seasons, Roddy White is no longer an Atlanta Falcon. The 34-year old receiver was cut by the team, he’s a cap casualty, and he immediately joins the likes of Ray Ray Buchanan and Jamal Anderson as one of the greatest Falcons to ever play.

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones might miss Roddy a little. The Fans might miss him a lot. But you know who won’t miss him at all? The Falcons PR team. Those people are having a party, because they no longer have to worry about Roddy’s timeline.

If those Falcons employees were the team’s twitter police, then Roddy was the shirtless dude in the trailer park jumping over fences running from them. If Twitter is a loaded gun, Roddy rolled in a Sherman Tank. Most dangerous timeline in the NFL.

Let’s walk down Roddy’s memory lane. 2013, after Aldon Smith was arrested a second time for DUI “Watching NFL countdown and they talking bad about Aldon Smith but I’m willing to bet Keyshawn Tom and Cris have all driven drunk no doubt”  


Also in 2013, interacting with fans about getting paid so much money to play a game instead of ‘actual’ work. “Whatever you do is not work, you disrespectful little peasant.”  That lead to a Roddy apology.

Earlier that year, jumping in on the George Zimmerman trial “All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves”  That lead to another Roddy apology.

Showing diversity by talking Olympics “Out of all the sports the Olympics could’ve dropped they drop wrestling they are retards” That lead to ANOTHER Roddy apology.

And then against all better judgment, Roddy jumped into the fight to defend Joe Paterno in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky nightmare. “I would send my kid there if he wanted to go, he wasn’t rappin football players. That’s a great program that Joepa ran”

Right Roddy- he wasn’t ‘rappin’ the football players, because they could actually defend themselves.

Roddy didn’t even GO to Penn State! But it doesn’t matter. He always goes in. And it often goes terribly.

Like back in 2010 when he tweeted that the Saints think they’re hot (bleep) because God gifted them a Super Bowl so their city wouldn’t fall apart.

You’ll never believe this –  that lead to a  Roddy apology! And I’m betting all those apologies, came from the hard work of the Falcons PR team. Every time they saw his tweets they probably held their breath. And every time he was trending, they probably hit the deck.

He is the Falcons all-time leading receiver, and the NFL’s all-time most dangerous tweeter.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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