Ring The Springer Bell

We’re under 36 hours from Fight Night, and FINALLY somebody woke up Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor for their presser. Because this fight build-up has felt soooo tame and sedated… no one will say anything, no one’s talking about it, the two fighters just won’t engage each other, I mean are these guys even alive? YEAH – either that, or they’ve been yapping for less than two weeks and it’s felt like an UFC Smackoff that’s gone on for two years.

That’s why they didn’t NEED the press conference yesterday. But of course they did it anyway. And of course some bleep went down.

Like it wasn’t going to? One of the UFC’S best traditions is making the two fighter’s face-off, 5-inches from each other. Because it almost always turns into Jerry Springer. And everybody loved when they rang the bell on Springer and the stage turns into the cage. Take two world class fighters, who have been thinking about nothing but beating the hell out of each other, and who have talked non-stop junk about each other… and then have them raise their fists for a long stare down while everybody in the crowd eggs them on. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Not a damn thing.

In the case of these dudes, it was Diaz mocking McGregor’s fighting stance, putting his fists just inches from his face, only for Conor to slap it away and ring the Springer bell.


You’ve got Conor in his custom suit, and he later informed Diaz that his socks cost more than Nate’s entire ensemble. Then you’ve got Team Diaz rocking “Straight Outta Stockton” shirts. Nick Diaz is up there. Jake Shields is up there. A bunch of uniformed security guards, shaved dome body guards, and a whole crowd of bros with Rockstar flat brims on. And as always with these scuffles… you have Dana White right in the middle frantically trying to keep them apart and make sure nobody gets punched. Especially in this case. Because this wasn’t one of those go-through-the-motions fake push fights. Not with both the Brothers Diaz on stage. They’ve been part of real punch landing melees before.

And as much you think you might’ve liked to watch another one, with McGregor’s luck-  Diaz would get injured and have to pull out of the fight. Am I really interested in seeing Conor and Nate punch each other? Quoting Nathan when asked if he was high “Uh, at the moment I’m not”.

I love a Springer presser before a fight… but Saturdays’ the time for Iba-pro-fen and Oyce. Rarely does a presser which is generally contrived, make me more excited for the fight. This one did. If Conor wasn’t afraid with jacking his custom made David August suit, I know he was legitimately pissed.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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