Nate Diaz Shocks The World

Question for Central Cali – is the party in Stockton still raging? I know the one in Dublin isn’t. Because Stockton’s favorite son tapped out the Notorious Saturday night. Yeah I said it.

Speaking of yeah I said it… I said it right when Dana White announced Diaz as Conor’s opponent on short notice – Nate is a crazy dude. In a good way.

Don’t get it twisted. While that wasn’t a title fight, you knew it was going to be a better fight than the one that was originally scheduled between McGregor and Rafael dos Anjos. Because Nate is out there. Again, in a good way. He talks a little crazy. He acts a little crazy. And Saturday night, he was  just crazy enough to be gushing blood from his face and not give a damn.

Thing is – Diaz didn’t stick his to plan. Because he did get hit. A lot. Conor calls his left hand the most dangerous weapon in contact sports. Then he spent the entire first round smashing Diaz with it, but Nate just kept coming.

And that was one of Conor’s biggest problems all night. If he’s hitting anyone at 145 with those shots, they’re going to sleep and possibly not waking up. Not Nate, sure he looked like he might bleed out… from his face, but the truth is, he was never really in trouble. He took all of Conor’s best shots without flinching or taking a step back.

And that was the danger in going from 145 to 170. Sure Conor didn’t have to kill himself with the Cut, but he couldn’t take out a much bigger man than he was accustomed to fight, who on top of that, has a concrete chin.

And even worse than not being hurt, is that Nate started to put his own punches together. And then hurt Conor, and when he started to take punishment, and looked to be gassing, he took the fight to the mat, which was the last place he wanted to be. Because that’s where Nate lives and seconds later, it was over. Just like that.

Nate Diaz had shocked the world. But whatever you do, don’t tell that to him; because this was his first response once it was over.


I can’t give Diaz enough credit for taking this fight on short notice, and showing up on the biggest stage and executing the way he did.

Jose Aldo could have had that fight; he didn’t want it. dos Anjos had the fight but pulled out of it. Nate Diaz was riding his bike around Central Cali, training for a triathlon, took the fight on just 11 days’ notice and shocked the sport’s biggest star. And did it by doing what everyone thought was impossible; standing toe to toe with McGregor. And did it by doing what everyone knew could happen: get it to the mat and finish. Nothing but respect for taking that fight less than two weeks to prepare and then beating a maniac who hadn’t lost in his last 15 fights.

I’ve said it several times on this show. And I said it going into the weekend. One of the best things about MMA is that EVERYONE loses. I don’t care how dominant you are, what your record is or how many consecutive fights you’ve won, everyone, everyone in that sport loses. And we saw it again this weekend. And that was an unbelievable performance by Diaz. And Stockton, stay hyped motherbleepers.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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