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All Topics: Brock Osweiler signing with Houston | Osweiler playing in place of Peyton Manning last this season | Osweiler not liking being pulled for Manning in the last game of the season | John Elway staying true to his price | Elway is very disciplined with a price | Reports of Broncos being interested in Colin Kaepernick | Fighting inside San Francisco’s building over Kaepernick | Kaepernick has to realize he needs to play better | RG3 and Denver rumors | Cleveland Browns doing nothing in free agency | Some agents think Cleveland wasn’t prepared for free agency | New management in Cleveland |

Mar 10th 2016

Jason on Brock Osweiler signing a $37 million guaranteed contract with Houston: “Excellent deal for a guy who started 7 games.”

Feb 8th 2016

All Topics: Super Bowl 50 | Peyton Manning’s walk-off | Cam Newton | Von Miller | Miller’s performance | Denver’s defense postseason | Denver defensive legacy | Newton’s meltdown | Newton not diving for the loose fumble | Newton flinched | Newton’s postgame presser | Newton just had a bad night | Hopes Manning walks away

Jason on Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50: “He got knocked all over the field.”

Nov 17th 2015

All Topics: Houston beating Cincy | Tyler Eifert let Andy Dalton down last night | Dalton in pressure situations | Dallas Cowboys situation | Dez Bryant lashing out | Media | Bryant’s childish antics | Dallas’ stars incapable of leading | Jerry Jones praising Greg Hardy for his leadership | Tony Romo’s tweet | Dallas has a lot of good talent | Johnny Manziel being named starter for the remainder of the season | New England Patriots | Patriots’ secondary | Green Bay Packers | Denver Broncos | Peyton Manning might not play again | Brock Osweiler |

Jason on how long he thinks Peyton Manning will be out: “Probably the rest of his career.”

Sept 23rd 2015

All Topics: Seattle wins in Kam Chancellor holdout | Seattle being 0-2 | Chancellor won’t be in game shape | Indy and Philly being 0-2 | Philadelphia should be worried | Indy still has Andrew Luck | Sam Bradford | We know DeMarco Murray doesn’t fit into that offense | Jerry Jones raving about Brandon Weeden | Weeden’s faults | His report on RG3 and Kirk Cousins relationship | RG3’s problems | RG3 has to understand he’s the problem | Dan Snyder | Jason Pierre-Paul | Reports of Ndamukong Suh freelancing on defense | Miami’s defensive struggles |

Jason on DeMarco Murray in Philly: “We know he doesn’t fit in that offense.”

July 22nd 2015

All Topics: Minnesota and Adrian Peterson agreeing on a new deal | Minnesota showing some good faith to Peterson | A lot of people around Peterson wanted him out of Minnesota | Tom Brady’s suspension appeal | Roger Goodell is waiting out Brady | NFL owners are sick of what New England gets away with | Tom Brady’s legacy | If Brady didn’t do anything wrong why is he so quiet | Brady is not a real confrontational person | Russell Wilson | Marshawn Lynch | Dez Bryant’s contract |

Jason on Tom Brady: “He’s not a very confrontational person.”

Jason Cole

Feb 12th 2015

All Topics: Peyton Manning’s future in Denver | Denver wants Manning back | Brock Osweiler | NFL physical | Teams can pass or fail a player physical easily | What Manning will look like this season | Peyton will be prepared | Thinks Peyton probably knew John Fox was going to get fired | Gary Kubiak | Johnny Manziel | Jimmy Haslam saying they didn’t know about Manziel’s personal life is a joke | Ndamukong Suh’s future

Jason on if he can see Cleveland moving up and drafting Marcus Mariota: “Absolutely.”

Jason Cole

Oct 03, 2011:

Jason on Tony Romo’s future in Dallas: “There has to be serious, serious doubt about Romo long term.”

Jason Cole

Aug 15, 2011:

Jason on if Chris Johnson should trust the Tennessee Titans saying if he comes in they will make him the highest paid back in the league: “No.”

Jason Cole

Jan 27, 2011:

Jason’s thoughts on Jay Cutler’s outside perception: “It may ultimately turn into an inside one.”

Jason Cole

Nov 02, 2010:

Topics: Brad Childress cut Randy Moss because he couldn’t handle him | Childress didn’t clear the move with Vikings owner Zygi Wilf | Right now Wilf is not happy | Shocked that Childress would make the move | Moss’ behavior | Handling Randy Moss | Childress does not have management skills | Desperate situation in Minnesota | Players questioning Childress’ decision on Moss | Moss’ press conference after New England game | Doesn’t think Randy was looking to get waved | Thinks Moss wanted to repair his relationship with New England after Sunday’s game | Weeb Ewbank | Brad Childress needs to laugh | A football coaches job is to bring guys together | New England might take Moss back | Bill Belechik likes Randy Moss | Randy Moss can’t stay down | Diva complex | Football is a alpha male battle; completely unique |

Jason Cole

Aug 23, 2010:

Topics: 2010 Training Camp | Stanford v. USC | The Stanford campus is like Disneyland clean | Brad Childress v. Vikings column | Brett Favre’s comments on his column | Childress and Favre’s relationship | Favre wanted to play for the Vikings and stick it to the Packers | Favre controls everything in Minnesota | Biggest conflict in Minnesota is the players relationship with Childress | Vikings’ owners live in New York; their not around for the day to day activities | Childress needs to be checked | Expectations for Vikings | Boom or bust in Minnesota | Vikings are loaded with talent | Brett Favre’s best statistical season | Likes Green Bay winning the division | John Elway | Elway’s physical talents |

Jason Cole

Apr 22, 2010:

Topics: 2010 NFL Draft Talk | Ben Roethlisberger’s punishment fits his crime | Roethlisberger is the face of the Pittsburgh Steelers | Ben trade rumors | Roethlisberger is a great player, Steelers are weighing their options | Pittsburgh was sick of Santonio Holmes | Dez Bryant is the biggest 1st round gamble | Bryant terribly irresponsible | Wouldn’t take Tim Tebow above the 3rd round but will probably go in the 2nd | Tebow’s personality | Tebow was not preachy with teammates at Florida | Jimmy Clausen’s stock

Jason Cole

Jan 25, 2010:

Topics: Surprise over Favre trying to squeeze it in there | The twelve man huddle | Favre’s comment “going out on top” | Not believing Favre is done | Favre just not knowing? | Green Bay waiting a mistake not waiting for Favre? | Saints stopping Peyton Manning | Saints to get in the “track meet” | Adrian Peterson vs. Reggie Bush in regards to holding onto the ball | Mental & focus aspect for Peterson | Ramping up for the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl.

Jason Cole








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