Goose Doesn’t Give A Damn

Goose Gossage just went up-and-in with a fastball at the head of modern baseball.

On the same day we learned that 23-year old Bryce Harper thinks MLB needs more personality, we hear that the 64-year old Goose thinks it’s a bleeping disgrace.

In a conversation with ESPN, that sounds like it went down over a sixer of Michelob and a bowl of bar nuts, the hall of fame reliever started spraying f-bombs at the state of the game.

Notable takes – that nerds from Harvard think they’ve figured out the bleeping game, the rule changes are bleeping terrible, and Jose Bautista’s act is a bleeping disgrace.

Goose is taking a lot of get-off-my-lawn tweets and Grand Torino tweets. I get it. But this is also what you have to expect from Goose. He’s very old-school, very unafraid, very much does not give a damn what you think and he hates what has happened to the game.

It’s like a high school kid trying to get grandpa to listen to dub-step. He’s going to say its garbage and try to play the boy some old Frankie valley records.

That doesn’t mean gramps is wrong, or out of line, it just means he’s a little out of touch.

Like when he says “you can’t take out the bleeping catcher because Buster Posey was in the wrong position”  – you can take out the catcher. You just can’t run out of your way to do it. Same deal at second base.

The nerds running the sport “think they figured the bleeping game out.” Well they sort of have, Goose. Have you seen what Theo Epstein has done with the Cubs? The freaking Royals just won the World Series and they have a whole department of analytics nerds.

“Jose Bautista is a bleeping disgrace to the game .. Embarrassing to all Latin players” that’s where he really loses me. Because 1. Joey bats launching his bat in the playoffs was incredible. 2. Bautista is great leader, a huge give-back guy in the community, and completely took the high road when asked about Goose’s comments. He’s not a disgrace to the game, he’s one of the best things the game has going.

And Goose just lumping him in with all Latin players – it’s the kind of off the mark comment your uncle would say at the thanksgiving table and make everybody uncomfortable.

But again – I guarantee Goose doesn’t back down. He got to Cooperstown making people uncomfortable. The guy threw at his own kid once. And when he opened his mouth to talk about analytics and showman ship – what did you expect? Almost everybody from one generation thinks the next generation is ruining the world. Goose is one of the old-timers who will actually say it.




This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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