I Like RG3 To L.A.

Is RG3 coming to the 213? Apparently Bob Griffin wants to spend next fall in the LA Coliseum.

According to the L.A. Daily News, Bobby “very much” wants to play for the Rams next season. Ok. And Jim Rome “very much” wants to own the Rams next season. But unless I fall into 20 bill before kickoff, that’s not happening.

Of course Griff wants to play for the Rams. He just wants to play. He hasn’t played a down in over a year. That dude will play for 32 teams.

The question isn’t whether he wants to play for the Rams, it’s whether or not they want him.

And I can’t lie- I like Griffin coming to town.

Because when I look at the Rams qbs –  I like pretty much anybody with a live arm coming to town.

And I’ve said it from the start-  an L.A. team needs a big name and a billboard face. I hated Peyton Manning coming as a show pony. But I can get with RG3 coming as a bargain price experiment.

The best football this guy ever played was when he had a bull of a running back with Al Morris in Washington. He’s got a weapon who’s even better in Todd Gurley. And the Rams have got the #15 pick to get another weapon.

I’m not saying he’ll kill it. But I’m saying right now its Bob Griffin or Case Keenum. Which one are you crawling up the 110 to check out? The pack of old-time Ram die hards are going to show up either way. But if they really want to make this thing Hollywood, if they want to pull in the big money Bruckheimer types- they have to have a famous face, and a big name. L.A. is all about what name is at the top of the poster. And that name can’t be Nick Foles.

Bob Griffin has been badly humbled, his price tag has been greatly reduced, but he still has far greater raw talent than anyone the Rams have got… And there’s no town in the world that loves a comeback more than Los Angeles. Neil Patrick Harris – from Doogie Howser to hosting the Oscars.

Robert Downey Jr.. from sitting in prison to playing ironman.

Robert Griffin III – from being on the sideline in the district, to being on billboards on the 405.

And the most hilarious storyline in this movie – would be the Rams raking all those draft picks for trading RG3… And then still landing him anyway. He’ll be hungry, he’ll be under budget, and unlike most Hollywood projects- they can just ditch it if it bombs. To use the industry term – I give RG3 in L.A. a green light.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

7 thoughts on “I Like RG3 To L.A.

  1. Ade Adedapo

    How? How is case keenum better?? He had a better personality? Prettier hair? At least there’s some sorta resume with Griffin. C’mon

  2. hexor

    Don’t get me wrong I like RGIII I think it’s a shame what they did to him in that playoff game! I watched him play every game in college…Bryce Petty is a better QB than RGII! Now to Case Keenum had the best 4 career starts for an undrafted free agent in NFL history Warren Moon is #2…You realize Keenum also broke RGIII & Cam Newtons records for first 2 career games? 2013 same year Keenum lead the entire NFL in deep ball accuracy percentage…Andre Johnson Texans All-Time leader in passing had his best 2 game EVER with Case Keenum #QB! This was done with a beat-up broken Texan team after all the previous QBs were murdered and broke the most consecutive games with a pick 6 in NFL history! Keenum didn’t throw 1…This past year Keenum’s 158 passer rating is #1 All-Time #Rams for a regular season game…Keenum also did what no other Rams QB has been able to do since 2004..Beat The Seahawks in Seattle…Keenum is just getting started…RGIII college career production #’s were half of Case Keenum’s running the same offense, but we wont go there…I wish RGIII well and hope he can prove himself back into a starting job somewhere!

  3. Ade Adedapo

    Look, we’re splitting hairs over who’s the worst of the bad. All I’m saying is you have to search for those stats for case and even still stats don’t tell the whole story. Griffin had the entire league on their heels at one point. not just a game here a game there or one really strong stat category. If keenum was so great he wouldn’t have been shipped outta Texas n he woulda been brought to la to start not back up (or was he 3rd string).

  4. hexor

    RGIII just got shipped out/CUT @3rd string! Case Keenum was at least traded! We’ll see this year when Case takes the Rams to the Playoffs/Super Bowl!

  5. Ade Adedapo

    Dude I said Griffin is bad. At least I can admit that unlike mr case keenum for mvp over here lol. Jus saying he has more of a resume than case, more potential and more notoriety, which is big in LA

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