Nate Wants To Play In The NFL

You probably don’t know this. But I’ve been in this game a long time, I’m connected, and I get certain info that other guys just don’t. And I’ll let you in on a little secret about the NFL. There are guys playing in that league, who were once very good basketball players.

I know it’s a mindblower. But let this sink in: multiple guys… Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham, Jordan Cameron… Who used to play basketball, and now play football. You’re welcome.

Your mind is blown. And seriously- all of our heads will explode if Nate Robinson ever makes that switch and steps on a NFL field.

Currently not on an NBA roster, Nate announced yesterday that he wants to play in the NFL, and he dropped a video of guys like Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis, and his college coach Rick Neuheisel saying he could do it.

And I’m not about to jump in the line of skeptics to crush Nate and say he can’t. Because I want him to make it. Nate Robinson is awesome. Huge personality, ridiculous vertical, great on social media… I’d love to see him in the NFL.

Yeah, yeah… Sure sure… He’s 31 years old, hasn’t played football in over a decade when he was a corner for University of Washington, but why does the internet always have to focus on the negative. Instead of always focusing on what a guy can’t do, why turn it around and talk about what a guy can do.

How do you know he can’t do this? And why wouldn’t you want to see him at least try? You telling me that the no fun NFL couldn’t use some of Nate’s personality? The guy used to stay lose during timeouts by dunking. He won the dunk contest 3-times… At 5 foot 9.


He was clocked on the court as the fastest player in the NBA, he’s built like a brick bleep house, and I think he’d be worth a special teams spot just to jump 50 inches off the ground and block field goals.

The Packers completed two Hail Mary’s last year. Drop Nate back in coverage and he would have ski-ed to swat both of those.

Shoot the Lions should sign Nate to replace Megatron. He’s 8 inches shorter, but I bet he can get up even higher.

Bo Jackson playing football and baseball was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Deion hitting .304 while also being the NFL’s best corner was insane. But we’ve never seen a dude play both in the NFL and the NBA. Nathan Cornelius Robinson wants to do it.

Will it work? Probable not. Do I want it to, badly? Hell yes. I wish he could join the NHL and the UFC too.

And I’ll promise this- if Nathan ever does get on an NFL field… If he does a windmill dunk over the cross bar after taking off from the goal line… I will personally pay the fine.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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