San Diego State Aztecs not selected for NCAA Tournament

After dropping the Mountain West Conference Tournament Championship game to the Fresno State Bulldogs yesterday, Steve Fisher and the San Diego State Aztecs men’s basketball team was worried about being “on the bubble” heading into Selection Sunday.

Unfortunately, the Aztecs ended up on the wrong side of the bubble, and will miss out on the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2009.

The 25-9 SDSU Aztecs will likely get an invitation to the NIT Tournament tonight at 5:30pm PT, which could mean as many as three more home games at Viejas Arena, but missing out on the NCAA Tournament is certainly a disappointment for a team that flashed elite talent but struggled with consistency all season long.

Two losses to Fresno State, in addition to losses to some lesser-known programs such as University of San Diego and Grand Canyon university, must have convinced the selection committee that the Aztecs would not have lasted very long against the top men’s basketball teams in the country.



8 thoughts on “San Diego State Aztecs not selected for NCAA Tournament

  1. SayHey

    Yeah, maybe, but they knew what they needed to do and failed. But I agree that every conference winner should get the automatic bid and the winner of the tourney at the end of the season qualifies for a possible at-large bid. I mean, why even play regular season games? I usually try not to second-guess the selection committee but Michigan? How in the heck did that team get a nod?

  2. John William Davis

    My favorite player is Skylar, Angelo was a big help but when your bigs get less than 8 points a game you are going to have a tough time competing. If you can’t shoot, can’t catch and can’t distribute the ball as big men it is really tough. Make the best of it, have a great NIT and it is looking very good for next year!! Go Aztecs!! Still a fan of Skylar!!!

  3. ID1234

    Next Year There will be no Chol or the best blocker ever in Mountain West Skylar Spencer that being said without a post player next season,it does not look very good at all next year

  4. John William Davis

    I really like the way Pope came on at the end, he could help if he worked hard filling this position, at least part time, the scoring should pick up next year with the red shirts.

  5. Drew

    It’s not unfair based on the non conference performance, which is a major factor. A lot of conferences are one bid leagues. That’s how the system works. You play the regular season to get favorable seeding in the playoffs (conference tournament) just like every other sport, then the winner at the very end is rewarded with an auto bid. Hockey teams aren’t given a Stanley Cup for winning their conference.

  6. Harry Kays

    Hope and pray a Josh davis transfer is waiting to join the Aztecs otherwise
    they will be horrible . Parrish hurt us badly

  7. Brent Tharp

    That doesn’t even make sense. They also don’t give the NCAA championship to the team with the best record.

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