Love. Conquers. All.

In such a cynical age, when society is one big race to tear something down with a snarky tweet, I personally look for the uplifting stories that make you feel good about people. Like the heartwarming news coming out of Los Angeles, where Donald and Shelly Sterling will reportedly NOT file for divorce after all. Three words everybody… Love. Conquers. All.

Not everybody sees it that way, unfortunately. Like the cold hearts over at the New York Post, who ran the headline “Donald Sterling not divorcing “Pig” wife after all.”

Now why do you have to go bring up the “p” word like that? Sure, Donnie And Shelly had some tough times. Who hasn’t? You try being married for 60 years and have it be just one big honeymoon.

I think everybody has said things to their loved ones they’d like to have back. It’s just that The Don called his wife a pig in the middle of a courtroom. What – like you haven’t? I suppose also that you’ve never tried to make your loved one seem mentally incompetent to stiff them from billions of dollars either? Liars. Find me one happily married couple who hasn’t had to struggle through a few dicey voicemails like the one Donnie left for this physician who found him mentally incompetent.

And sure-  there was another woman who got mixed up in the Sterling’s marriage. Again – why are you focusing on that, and not the story of two lovebirds going through some ups and downs? How do you know V.Stiviano wasn’t just friends with Bigotron? Are you married? Do you not have female friends? Just because Donnie glossed his “The Silly Rabbit” doesn’t mean he wasn’t madly in love with the pig….. errrr the love of his life.

And now, in the wake of this great news about them recommitting to their marriage, every internet comedian seems to think the decision is financially motivated somehow. Don’t you know you can’t put a price tag on love? It’s called “Romance.” Look it up. And it’s called Scoreboad- look up at it. The Sterling’s have been married longer than you’ve been alive.

With the current American divorce rate… I choose to support two loving partners contributing to the success rate. Bigotron might be a lecherous racist, he may have been a terrible NBA owner, but in this game called love- he’s a hall of famer.

Try to look at the positive side for once, people. Leave Donnie and his pig alone.




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