Shock & Awe On Selection Sunday!

Shock & Awe on Selection Sunday!

And I don’t even mean the snubs and the seeds. I mean the leak.

Biggest surprise from Sunday? The most coveted document of every calendar year hitting twitter and blowing the entire bracket reveal.

Wanna know the real losers this year? Monmouth. South Carolina. San Diego State… and Spoiler Alert Guy.

If you’re the jumpy paranoid dude who can’t even leave his house or flip on his phone because you’re afraid you’re going to learn deets from House of Cards or Game of Thrones… then yesterday you had a March Madness heart attack. Because around 3:30 Pacific, somebody tweeted “Spoiler Alert- full bracket” with the entire field of 68.

And we all thought the same thing initially-  sweet Photoshop, bro. What is this- a senior class prank? Syracuse a 10? UK seeded behind A&M? Why the hell is this retweet on my timeline? Because it was right. Every single piece of it.

The details were right, but tweeting it was so wrong. If you really think that some dude releasing the bracket was middle fingering  the selection committee, or sticking it to CBS… how about the teams that found out their seasons were smashed via some hacker on Twitter?

South Carolina Coach Frank Martin says he got a phone call from someone who had seen it, letting him know they got shafted.

St. Mary’s coach Randy Bennett said his entire team saw it on Twitter. That’s jacked up.

That’s worse that leaking the Oscar Winners. That’s worse than peaking at your Christmas presents early. Because at least that’s your own doing.

Some kid anxiously waiting in the film room with his teammates to hear his team’s name, shouldn’t be getting his dreams ruined by a sucker punch tweet.

If you’re going to get snubbed, at least give them the dignity of hearing about it from Greg Gumbel.

The NCAA says they’re “looking into it.” Bravo, bros.

Quoting Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey. “Nothing’s secure, huh? That’s great. That is so typical. It’s so typical of college basketball.”

It really is. It’s as if the selection committee had run out of ways to jack up the bracket. They’ve stiffed teams that should be in. They’ve invited teams that have no business being there. Now they just let the entire thing spill on their biggest day of the year. In other words – that was your One Shining Moment – and you blew it.

Hey fellas- maybe you throw up an extra fire wall next year? It makes me long for the days when the biggest mistake the NCAA made was falling on their face with their picks on selection day.

A team shouldn’t find out they’re going to the NIT because of a leak and a tweet. Good job, good effort, gentleman.



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