Awful Idea, Zen Master

Kobe Bryant says Knicks fans should put their faith in Phil Jackson. But Philip doesn’t even want to put himself on a plane.

ESPN reports, the Knicks are bouncing around the idea of having Phil Jackson coach the team…. but for home games only, while Kurt Rambis stays on as “Road coach.”

This might sound familiar, because it first came up while he was still with the Lakers… and the late Jerry Buss shot down the idea.

And do you remember why he shot it down? Because it’s one of the worst ideas ever. Same reason the Knicks will probably do it. Because even for Philip, it’s one of the most arrogant things ever… I know you’re paying me 8 figures to sit up here in my office and butcher Twitter, I know that Kurt Rambis is statistically one of the worst coaches ever…. So maybe I’ll rescue the team, the franchise, the city… And come down from my throne to  coach. BUT ONLY FOR THE HOME GAMES. I’m not about to schlep across the country just to sit in my sideline high chair, do some finger-whistling and draw up a few plays. Hell no. Now, if you want to pay me twice as much MONEY… Then we can talk turkey.  

Unbelievable. Phil’s only going to coach home games.

What’s next- Melo’s only going to play home games? Of course Philip should coach. He’s an incredible coach. He’s never missed the playoffs in 20 seasons. While Rambis has never made the playoffs.

So what happens if they split the season 50/50… They’ll probably be around .500. Is that worth letting Phil chill at home while the team is battling through road trips.

If you’re gonna coach, freaking coach. It would be one of the most arrogant, lazy power moves of all time.

I mean Phil… Could we at least get you to hop a bus when the Knicks play @ the Sixers? Or get on the subway when they play at the Nets? Hell no. Those games are technically on the road. So Philip’s officially coaching at home.

I would hope that for his money, Phil could at least turn halftime into facetime. Just have Rambis stand on a stool, hold up his phone, and quote some Sun Tzu and for the fellas when they’re down 30. The only thing more embarrassing for the Bockers than the fact that their team can’t even win half their games, is that their Zen Master wants to skip half of them.

Other than Philip, who would even think something like that is feasible? Why stop at home games and road games? Why not just split up the halves. Or the quarters. Maybe, if Phil is feeling truly magnanimous, he can coach a tip off or two on the road as well?

Hey, Philip, terrible idea. While you’re debating whether or not to coach this team part time, Tom Thibodeau is out there, and I’m guessing he’d be willing to coach all 82 games…plus the playoffs.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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